Visa and Entry Requirements

The student visa for Italy is granted just in the event that you select or apply for any degree course that has no less than 20 hours of courses for each week (or 80 hours a month). This implies on the off chance that you need to agree to accept a language course that has under 20 hours/week, the Italian Consulate won't consider your application good for a student visa, you should apply for a consistent/guest visa for Italy.

Only a visa issued for study reasons for existing is valid for your enrolment at a higher educational foundation in Italy.

Check if you require a student visa

EU students – needn't bother with a study visa for Italy.

Non-EU students – should apply for a student visa for Italy at the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Every single international student, in any case, their citizenship, should enlist with the nearby police in order to acquire a residence permit, inside eight working days of their entry in Italy.

Conditions you need to meet to apply for visa

  • You should have a valid passport with at least two blank visa pages
  • You should give a copy of your flight agenda
  • You should not have a criminal record
  • You should not have been denied entry into Italy previously
Required documents for the Italian visa
  • Entry visa application form
  • Latest passport-sized photo
  • Valid Passport (the expiry date should be three months longer than that of the visa requested)
  • Confirmation that you have organized accommodation in Italy (for the entire time of your studies)
  • Prove you have adequate money related intends to support your studies (450 EUR/month)
  • Health insurance (the base therapeutic scope is no less than 30,000 EUR)
  • Copy of the confirmation of a past education
  • Acknowledgment letter from an Italian University
  • Receipt of the visa application expense (116 EUR)
 Obtaining Residence Permit

On the off chance that a student holds a visa for study purposes and remains in Italy for over 90 days, he/she should ask for a residence permit. If he/she doesn't finish his/her studies before the residence permit expires, he/she should ask for the renewing of his/her residence permit.

The residence permit is issued to outside nationals originating from Extra EU nations who go to a course – college or training course – In Italy, after they were accepted a visa for study purposes from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their nation of origin or residence. Consistently, a limited number of places is accessible for International students who need to enlist in University or training courses in Italy, in connection with the most extreme number of visa for study purposes that can be allowed.

The owner of a residence permit for study purposes (university or training) is permitted to:
  • go to the next Schengen zone nations for a period shorter than three months without satisfying any formal commitment;
  • submit an application for the family reunion;
  • be enlisted with the National Health Service;
  • have part time work like Italian natives, gave that he/she doesn't work over 20 hours for every week;
  • appreciate all the welfare benefits getting from a standard contract of work.