Italian Education System
All students who have effectively finished secondary school and got a Diploma di Maturità are qualified for admission to their preferred college. International students or Italian students who have gotten their secondary school degree abroad are accepted on the premise of equivalent qualifications.

Education System in Italy

The Italian higher education framework has particular elements that foreign nationals must know about. Firstly, most Faculties have no selection procedure on entry and educational cost charges are generally low. Consequently, numerous secondary school graduates enlist in first-year college programs. This prompts to a high dropout rate as a few students enter the occupation showcase meanwhile or leave since they discover the college programs excessively requesting.
Furthermore, students are not obliged to pass the exam toward the finish of term as it is possible for students to sit most exams at their preferred season. For instance, students can take an exam of their first year program during the late spring session (May-June), the pre-winter session (September), or the winter session (January-February) or put off it to a later date.
Thirdly, the students are permitted to go over the time allotted to their college programs and can be selected as off course.
They can proceed with their studies with this status and finish the program at their own particular pace.
Degrees: Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies
Undergraduate Studies
Italy draws students from everywhere throughout the world. It has a long history of education and also incredible and modern universities with cutting-edge facilities. Italy has made incalculable commitments to western human progress, and in later years assumed a vast part in European higher education and also innovative work. Outside of the classroom, there is something for each student looking for a Bachelor in Italy, including energizing urban communities, wonderful scenes, and numerous exercises and historical sights to see.
Bachelor Programs
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History
  • Bachelors in Performing Arts (Opera & Lyric)
  • Bachelors of performing Arts (Jazz Studies)
  • Bachelors in Performing Arts (Dance Theatre & education)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and many more…

Postgraduate Studies
There are many energizing Master degrees in Italy, with more of them being educated in English. Regardless of whether you need to study Fashion, Design, Management, Science, Economics, Psychology, Marketing, Engineering, or an alternate subject altogether, you'll discover something that rewards you in Italy. Students pursuing a Master's degree in Italy advantage not just from the astounding staff and academic facilities, additionally from the global student body that conveys numerous points of view to the learning condition. More than 100,000 global students take classes in Italy consistently. With rigorous academic classes and a world notoriety for excellent research, master's students will locate a compassionate however restrained condition that energizes interest and innovation.
  • MBA in Global Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Masters in Fashion Designing
  • Masters in Accessories Design
  • Masters in Creative Knit wear design
  • Masters in Costume Design
  • Masters in Jewelry Design and many more…
Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Institutes for International Education
John Cabot University
John Cabot University, established in 1972, is an independent, four-year liberal arts university offering college degrees and study abroad projects to English-talking students from everywhere throughout the world.
Regardless of whether you are seeking a four-year degree or are trying to study abroad, you will do as such in the heart of Rome encompassed by the uncommonly rich offerings of a city of culture, history, arts, imagination, business and global undertakings.
At JCU you will take in small classes from teachers who empower exchange and utilize the city of Rome as a learning research center. You will likewise have open doors for entry-level positions at multinational organizations, worldwide associations, NGOs, departments, government workplaces, and historical centers, and also open doors for study and travel beyond Italy's outskirts to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and all through Europe.
A hospitality MBA that costumes you with the abilities and learning from the best academics and experts from the field.
This Master of Business Administration or MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management is useful for: graduates who wish to facilitate their study, the individuals who wish to wind up business people and begin their own particular hospitality and tourism business, those switching from other countries, and for the individuals who wish to advance their career and assume more senior roles in their associations. The Master of Business Administration or MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management concentrates on problem thinking, information examination and leadership development.
Academia Costume and Moda
Costume and Fashion Academy in Rome since 1964, considers as a real part of its previous students of the system important fashion professionals and media outlets, from Creative Directors at Head Designer, entrepreneurs, Oscar Awards, the David di Donatello and Celebrity stylist. Four-year courses: High School Academic Level I Costume and Fashion (180 ECTS credits), Fashion Editor Styling and Communication, Design Accessories, Media Film and Visual Arts. Five are the main level Master, a few Intensive Courses and Summer Courses.
Accademia Europea di Firenze
Established in 2005 by Edy Frollano, the Accademia Europea di Firenze started as an Italian language school for nonnatives. After some time, the school extended its educational modules to incorporate humanistic studies, music, the liberal arts and the performing arts, while giving an exceptional blend of value and individual consideration. On account of this theory, the Accademia can offer a complete response for any training or educational need.
Presently, around six centuries later, students at the Accademia Europea di Firenze have the chance to study in a Renaissance palace, consummately rebuilt and furnished with the most current advancements to make it a perfect site joining study and excellence, learning and culture.
The staff supports the students, accompanying them during their stay and studies to guarantee that they never feel they are tourists – yet rather residents of Florence, however temporary. From decision of accommodation, determination of educators and advancement of Study Programs through association of recreational and social exercises, everything the Accademia does targets making a full- round involvement with the students at its inside.
Types of courses where country really excel
Music Jazz Studies and Performance
AEF Jazz Studies and Performances Bachelor's Level Program is an exceptional program that matches the European three-years structure with the American Universities' four years educational programs and makes the two frameworks perfect with credits: crucial themes, music center courses and specialization courses of prestigious U.S Universities are altogether secured.
The Jazz Program has a solid part in execution subsequently the significance of the ensemble courses and public concerts and additionally a Liberal Arts approach. The University vision is to motivate and support the development of youthful art with a wide social ordeal.
The result is an organized, intelligent and centered three-year program, off of which youthful artists can dispatch their professions.The Particular guideline, exhibitions, and systems administration all through the European music group make this opportunity unique.
Masters in Fashion Designing
The level Master in High Fashion, Fashion Design is aimed at graduates who wish to finish their studies and their own vision of the form framework through a way and an "experience" in the world of "high fashion. The world apparently saved for the few which is turning into an ever increasing number of critical methods for correspondence of the extravagance brands, alongside accumulations of Pret à Couture and Made to Measure.
The Master in High Fashion is the first project in the world of form schools, devoted to the framework and to the universe of high design. A world covered up inside the Maison and tailors. Rome is the city that can host and welcome a master program so ambitious.
Other popular courses in country
History of Arts
The city of Florence is a genuine three-dimensional history book of European art: that is the reason this course comprises of lessons in the classroom and additionally various tours and visits. The program will be built up in order to speak to a real imaginative and social experience.
The History of Art course is intended to address the issues and requests of the students: the lessons will dependably be held "on the field", which means in the roads and landmarks of Florence which will be interpreted in a broader detailed and creative setting. Florence speaks to the best living book of the historical backdrop of art, the speediest and best approach to become acquainted with and find out about the landmarks and centerpieces.
Students may pick between the "Group Course" Option and the "Singular Course" Option.
Fashion Jewellery
The Fashion Jewelry Designer works in the extravagance organizations, on the planet in the field Goldsmith and Fashion, for the outline of elite accessories. It changes the innovative thought into generation reality through the information of outline methodology did utilize strategies that range from the conventional to the realization cad.
The Master intends to give students the calculated learning and devices important to comprehend the new language and the new patterns in the adornments business and gems. Members will likewise have the chance to increase coordinate experience creating particular briefings on tasks picked among the different subjects of form, dividing the attributes of perfection and item related brand, both of fine gems that pattern, through joint effort with specialist's professionals. A progression of particular gatherings with organizations in the area are the expert preparing of the Master.
Italian Grading System
The Italian grading system fluctuates relying upon the level of education.
Most Italian colleges utilize the grade point scale as observed in the table below:
International scale Italian scale
A (Excellent) 30
B (Very good, with few errors) 29-30
C (Good, with some errors) 27-28
 D (Satisfactory, with many errors)  24-26
E (Sufficient) 18-23
F (Fail) < 17
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