Latvia is a country situated on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is spread by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. The nation is likewise bound by Russia and Belarus, and it offers sea borders with Sweden. Comparatively, the cost of living is very low compared to the standard of living. Here is everything you need to know about studying in Latvia.

Study in Latvia


Benefits of Studying in Latvia

Every year more than 5,500 overseas students enrol in Latvian Universities. Many excellent programs are offered to foreign students. The country has universities and colleges that offer high-quality education in Latvia. It is a rich country, so students have many opportunities for their future.
Latvia is one of the topmost study abroad destinations mainly because of its low tuition fee and availability of various programs with expert faculties. 
It also offers the fastest internet speed in the world which helps the students in the quality of education in Latvia.
There are 36 public institutions in Latvia for higher education. 
One of the benefits for international students is that there is no need for a specific work permit who have a student visa in Latvia. International students are allowed to work at part-time jobs, which are restricted to 20 hours a week. 
The most important advantage is that students studying in Latvia without IELTS is possible.

Latvia Study Visa

The students who want to study in Latvia will need a student visa. A student must provide all the documents carefully and must be well prepared for Latvia student visa interview questions because a minute mistake can be the reason for the visa rejection. The set of documents students should prepare before applying for Latvia Study Visa. The important documents required for Student visa application are:
Passport valid for more than 3 months of intended stay in Latvia
A recent photograph
Proof of your decided residence in Latvia
Admission Letter from the University in Latvia which is approved by the OCMA.
Bank Statement of Last 3 months showing that student is able to sustain him or herself during their stay in Latvia.
Diplomas, Mark Sheets, and Degrees of previous education.
Travel Insurance 
Since most of the courses in Latvia take more than 90 days, the students should also apply for a residence permit in Lavia. The universities that you are accepted into, will make it possible for you to get a residence permit, and help you in all the possible manner if you get stuck somewhere. The visa process takes time to process, so it is better to apply at the right time.

Universities in Latvia

There are some universities in Latvia which are ranked among the top universities in the world. Various ranking entities of the world ranked some of the Universities in Latvia as the best in the world like the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and the Latvia University of Agriculture.
There are also colleges that accept studying in Latvia without IELTS. The institutions have a large number of courses in English. The Latvian Universities are well-known for their research and innovation and they encourage their students to do the same, the quality of education in Latvia is high with its European counterparts

Study in Latvia with Scholarships

The international students who want to study in Latvia but have a budget hindrance can grab the opportunity of scholarship. Latvia provides various scholarship schemes for supporting and encouraging foreign students interested in studying in Latvia. Students from abroad can study in Latvia on fully funded or partially funded scholarships. Scholarships give an excellent opportunity to international students to reduce their overall expenses for education in Latvia.
There are many countries that have mutual agreements with Latvia, which provide advantage from the science scholarships to study in Latvia. 
For other students, there are university offered scholarships, the government offered scholarships and scholarships are offered from private entities also.

Study and Work in Latvia

Please pay attention to this as it is a good opportunity to get work experience in the international market. There are no restrictions for students from other countries to do a part-time job while they are on a student permit in Latvia. However, time work rights during the course are prohibited to the International Students but they can work for at least 20 hours per week. 
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