Switzerland is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for international students. Switzerland offers a warm welcome to the students with plenty of general Universities and research-based universities and applied sciences. International students account for 21% of the population of students in Swiss Universities. Here is everything you need to know about studying in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland

Why study in Switzerland?

For international students, who decide to study abroad, Switzerland makes a perfect choice for various reasons. From the international standards of education to several after-study opportunities, there is a lot for international students at the universities in Switzerland. Here we have listed a few of them:
Swiss universities offer a wide range of courses across disciplines, at each level of higher education. 
Switzerland’s system of imparting education is not only renowned but also well respected across the world. A student passing out of any course finds himself or herself touching new heights in their career.
People from different ethnicities and cultures make Switzerland a country where one can make friends from different countries and learn many things with the interchange of cultural influences.
Switzerland is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world. For international students, this is one of the most important reasons to study in Switzerland

Requirements to study in Switzerland

If you want to study in Switzerland, the first step in the process would be to get accepted into one of the Universities in Switzerland. Each university has its own admission requirements and process to enrol international students. Moreover, it also changes from course to course. Here are some general requirements you will need to fulfil as eligibility criteria to Study in Switzerland.
Two passport photos 
application form
Copy of identity document
Official academic transcripts of your previous education.
High school diploma or Bachelor's diploma
Language proficiency certificates (English/German/French)
Resume/Curriculum Vitae
Evidence of paying the application fee.

Universities in Switzerland

The universities in Switzerland are some of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities abroad. If you are looking forward to pursuing your degree in Switzerland, Here are some of the top universities in Switzerland for international students:
1. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
3. University of Zurich
4. University of Geneva
5. University of Bern
6. University of Basel
7. University of Lausanne
8. USI - Università della Svizzera italiana
9. University of St.Gallen (HSG)
10. Université de Fribourg

Top courses to study in Switzerland

From Engineering to Management, there is a everything available at Univeristies in Switzerland. However, some courses are more popular and students all over the world choose these courses. 
Management Courses in Switzerland
Sports Event Management in Switzerland
Social Media Marketing in Switzerland
Banking and Finance in Switzerland
Hotel & Hospitality Management in Switzerland
Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland
Banking & Finance in Switzerland
Quantitative & Systems Biology in Switzerland
International Law in Switzerland
Applied Mathematics in Switzerland

The cost of living and studying in Switzerland

Swiss universities are heavily subsidized by the government. Hence tuition fees are slightly lower when compared to other countries. Still, keep in mind that the tuition fees associated with private universities will normally be higher than their public counterparts.  The Swiss University fees can be high up to 6000 EUR for public universities, and 16000 EUR for private universities’ management courses.

Documents Required For Swiss Visa Application

For a student visa for Switzerland, you need to apply for a visa form through the Swiss Embassy in your home country, usually by going in person. Required documentation is listed below:
Valid national passport or travel ID that is valid for 3 months beyond your stay in Switzerland.
3 copies of Application for National Visa D filled and signed.
4 Passport size photographs.
proof that you’re financially self-sufficient to cover expenses during your program
Healthcare insurance
Confirmation of admission at the Swiss University.
Evidence of fees paid to the university.
CV and motivation letter 
Copies of all degrees and diplomas you hold.

Work and Study in Switzerland

Students can work and study in Switzerland during their semesters for 15 hours per week. The international students have the right to work full time during their semester breaks. Most universities have job placement units. These offer part-time jobs within the campus to international students. Student resident permit holders are allowed to work, with the only requirement being that they obtain a statement from university authorities stating that working while studying will not lead to the expansion of the duration of their programs.
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