Hungary is a country at the heart of Europe. Hungary has a wealth of culture and history, and its language is different. Therefore, it is said that Hungary is a land of great contrasts. For international students, it is one of the most affordable destinations, and studying in Hungary often adds value to their CV.  If you are someone who wants to study in Europe at affordable prices and want to make the most out of that experience culturally, studying in Hungary is for you. Here is all you need to know:

Study in Hungary

Why study in Hungary

Hungary is so rich in its art, culture, and history, that it is the thirteenth most attractive tourist attraction in the world. Hungary provides free higher education to its citizens. But yes, it charges some tuition fees for international students. Still, it is the favourite destination for many students. Here are the reasons why you should choose Hungary as your study abroad destination: 
The degrees from Hungarian universities are accepted everywhere across the globe.
Many local and international companies offer internship roles to students after they complete their studies. You can take advantage of it to build your professional network worldwide.
The tuition fees in Hungary are affordable, compared to most other nations in Europe. Also, living costs are relatively low compared to other countries in Europe.
There are also some courses at Hungarian Universities where you can study without IELTS or TOEFL.
Hungary offers an incredible student life. Students throng cafes, eateries, and libraries during the daytime. Several places in the country come to life only at night. 
Any student who is more than the age of sixteen can work as a student worker with the same least wage and assured minimum wage rules.

Universities in Hungary:

If we count the colleges and church/religion-based universities out, there are a total of 27 Universities in Hungary for Higher. Out of those universities, nine of the Hungarian Universities feature in the list of Top Universities by QS World Rankings. Below are the top Universities in Hungary:
University of Szeged
University of Debrecen
Eötvös Loránd University
University of Pecs
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Corvinus University of Budapest
Szent Istvan University
Szechenyi Istvan University
University of Miskolc 

Requirements to study in Hungary 

Before applying to the universities, you need to make sure about the requirements of the course and university you are applying to. The most common documents required for applying to study at a university in Hungary would be:
An updated CV or Resume
Valid Passport
Language Proficiency Proof (English/German/Hungarian based on the study program Language)
Previous Diploma or Degrees 
Letters of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Aptitude tests like GRE and GMAT,
Academic papers.
Curriculum Vitae

Masters in Hungary

A lot of international students plan to study abroad once they have graduated from their home country. They look forward to a valuable degree. Master's in Hungary is one of the most sought-after courses in the country and one of the reasons to study in Hungary. All the universities listed above are the best in Hungary for Masters. A bachelor's in the relevant field is always necessary for a master's in Hungary just like in most countries.

Cost of Living in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most affordable European destinations to study and live in. As an international student, you can expect to pay at public universities between 1,200–5,000 EUR per year for most degrees and between 12,000–16,000 EUR per year for Medicine and Dentistry degrees.  Apart from the tuition fees, an international student can survive in Hungary on 450-550 EUR per month. However, the cost of living in Hungary would solely depend on your chosen lifestyle.

Study in Hungary Scholarship 

With the Hungarian Government’s Stipendium Hungaricum, international students from close to 70 countries are eligible to apply. Under that scholarship, international students are eligible for a 150 euro per month stipend as long as they study in Hungary, and a shared accommodation in the university to which they have applied to. Students can also check out university-specific scholarships and apply for one.

Hungary Student Visa for International Students

For International students, Hungary has emerged as quite a favourable study abroad destination. Students coming from other countries are required to apply online for the student visa, book an interview for the Visa at VFS Hungary, and submit the biometrics at the VFS Centre. Here is the list of documents required for a Student Visa to Hungary:
Letter of Acceptance from a University
Filled Visa Application form
Proof of paid tuition fees
A Valid Passport, and a photocopy of the first pages
Passport size photographs
Health Insurance
Proof of Accommodation
Proof of Financial Funds

Work and Study in Hungary

International students from Non-EU/EEA countries do require a separate work permit to work part-time in Hungary. A large number of international students want to work while studying in Hungary as that would help them to manage day-to-day expenses and more. International students have the right to work for 20 hours per week when their terms are going on. During summer breaks, they can work full-time.
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