A laid back country in the north of Europe, Finland has slowly but steadily become a crowd favourite when it comes to higher studies. Students from all over the world know about the top universities in Finland, but that is not all there is to, for Finland. Here are the reasons that make Finland one of the best countries in the world to study abroad. 

Why Study in Finland

Education System

The education system in Finland boasts to be some of the best in the world. It is no wonder there are 14000 international students studying in Finland. 9 universities in Finland are ranked among the top universities in the world by QS world ranking, and not to forget the prestigious universities of applied sciences. In short, education in Finland can be compared to education in any top English speaking country like the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia. The most popular universities in Finland would be:

  • University of Helsinki
  • Aalto University
  • University of Turku
  • University of Jyvaskyla
  • University of Oulu

Affordable Study in Finland Costs

For Finnish and EU students the universities in Finland offer free education. However, students coming from other countries also do not have to burn a hole in their pocket to study in Finland. Tuition fees in Finland range from anywhere between 600 euros to 16000 euros a year. For some of the courses like MBA, it can go as high as 25000 euros a year.

International students can always go for scholarship opportunities that come with study in Finland. Many universities offer international students funding opportunities like grants and scholarships. The scholarships are usually based on your academic performance. Some universities may also offer fully paid scholarships, which make education effectively tuition-free. 


Unique Learning Experience

In Finland, you are allowed to choose the modules you would like to study, which makes it easier for students to take on the best options for themselves. It also helps them in graduating with a higher, more diverse set of skills, unlike other countries. Universities in Finland like to call it ‘Academic Freedom’. Flat hierarchy in the universities of Finland also makes sure every student has equal opportunities to learn, with equal chances to receive higher quality higher education.


Standard of Living

Finland is a perfect combination for international students as it provides the best of education with affordability to the students. All of this while living in one of the happiest countries in the world. Students benefit from student discounts available throughout the country on food and transportation. Maintaining a work-life balance is also an important part of Finnish culture. Work and Study in Finland are important, but so are vacations and the breaks you take in between. There are tons of lakes and mountains to explore, just a road trip away, no matter where you are in Finland.


Work while studying in Finland

Universities in Finland offer career services for international students. The services are offered when you are looking for a part-time job, or a full-time job after you graduate from one of the universities. Students are allowed to work while studying in Finland for 25 hours a week at part-time jobs. 55 per cent of university students have an employment contract before their graduation is even completed. Moreover, there is no special permit required to work while studying, i.e. when you are working at part-time jobs.


Post Study Visa in Finland

If you are someone who is outside of the EU and complete a masters degree in Finland, you are granted a post-study work visa for one year. You are allowed to look for a job while staying in Finland for one year after graduation has been completed. If you are able to obtain full-time employment, then you can apply for a work visa or a work based residence permit. After that, if you work in Finland full-time for four consecutive years, you are allowed to apply for the permanent residence permit.