For those who want to study in Finland, getting a student visa for Finland is one of the most intimidating processes. However, to get a student visa in Finland is not a complicated process at all. Once you have secured admission in a Finnish University, the next step would be to apply for a student visa. For any courses that have a duration of more than 90 days, a student visa is required. Let’s see how to get one.

Residence Permit in Finland:

A residence permit is required for students who want to study in Finland for a period of longer than 90 days. The residence permit is usually granted for one year by Finnish Immigration. Further extension in the residence permit can be done by the students when they are in Finland at their local police station. A residence permit will only be granted after you have successfully applied for the student visa. Let’s find out how to get a student visa for Finland.

Student Visa in Finland: How to Apply

Students outside of EU/EEA countries are required to apply for a student visa in Finland. Given below are the steps to follow when you apply for the visa. A visa application can be done both online and offline:

Step 1:Fill up the residence permit form on the Finland Immigration website. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully and fill up the details correctly. The form can be submitted digitally, or in person at your nearest embassy.

Step 2: There are some of the documents that you may require when submitting the student visa application form to study in Finland.

  • Filled up Application Form

  • Acceptance Letter from the University

  • Proof of monetary funds required (6270 euros for a year)

  • A valid passport and photos

  • Receipt of Application fees paid (€330 for paper-based application, and €300 for online)

  • A valid Health Insurance coverage proof, at least of one year

Step 3: Document verification is needed to be done personally. Therefore even if you had filled the application form digitally, you have to visit your nearest embassy during the working hours for the verification. Only after document verification can the application process move further.

Step 4: Your biometrics data is also needed to be submitted at the embassy. You are required to submit your recent photographs and fingerprints as a part of biometrics. This step also requires to be done in person at the embassy.

Usually, the visa processing time for a Student visa in Finland is 60 days. Therefore, it is advisable to plan beforehand while applying for a specific intake. The candidates will receive a mail when their visa is issued, and they can collect is from the embassy or it can be mailed to their address.


Work Permit & Student Visa in Finland

International students are allowed to work 25 hours a week at a part-time job in Finland while their semesters are going on. There are no working restrictions during breaks and vacations. Students who complete a master’s degree in Finland are granted one-year work permit after studying in Finland where they can stay back in Finland after their graduation and look for a job during that period of one year.

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