Finland is one of the more peace-loving, happiest countries for international students to get their higher education. It offers some of the most rewarding international courses in the English language. Nine of the universities in Finland feature in the QS world university rankings for 2021. Here are some of the study options for international students in Finland and how to apply to them:


Bachelor’s and Masters in Finland

The first and foremost step would be to choose a course you want to study. There is a wide range of courses available in Finland, no matter what stream you are coming from; Science, commerce or arts. From Engineering to Economics, these are some of the most sought after courses to study in Finland.

  • Business and Management Courses

  • Physics

  • Industrial Engineering

  • MBA in Finland

  • Economics


Universities in Finland

The next thing to know about would be the universities that you will be studying in. Once you zero in on the course, you can find out which universities are offering them, and what are the requirements. However, before we move on to the requirements, let’s discuss more universities in Finland. There are two types of universities: traditional universities which offer more conventional courses and scientific research with in-depth knowledge or the courses.

A university of applied sciences, on the other hand, offer more skill-based, occupational courses, which help the graduates learn the skills that are in-demand in the labour market.

As we mentioned, nine of the universities featured in the QS world university rankings. Here are some of the top universities in Finland you can apply to.

  1. University of Helsinki

  2. Aalto University

  3. University of Turku

  4. University of Jyvaskyla

  5. Tampere University of Technology


Admission for International Students:

Application in a Finnish university can be done through Studyinfo, a portal for students to apply for all universities. For Universities of Applied Sciences, the application can be done on the respective UAS websites. There are two ways one can apply: Joint Application and Separate Application

Separate Application, as the name suggests, is for applying to individual universities. Joint Application will let you apply for up to six Finnish universities. Students can also decide the order of preference while choosing the universities they want to apply through a joint application.


English Language Requirements

For the students coming from the countries where English is not a native language, English taught programs have one additional requirement, and that is English Language Proficiency tests. It is important for the university to know if a student would be able to learn, understand, and complete the assignment in the English language.

The most common English Language Tests are IELTS and TOEFL. Some of the universities of Applied Sciences have their own testing system when it comes to the English language requirements. Universities, however, will only accept an internationally recognised test score like IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge Test for English. Before applying to any course, make sure you know what the requirements are.


Document Requirements to Study in Finland

Both universities and UAS have certain requirements when it comes to supporting documents to study in Finland. Once again, the requirements are likely to vary, and these are just some of the general requirements.

  • Transcripts, Degrees, and Certificates of previous education

  • Translation of All the Documents

  • Letters of Recommendations

  • Application Essay or Statement of Purpose

  • Scores of Entrance Exams along with English Language Test Scores


Application Deadlines to Study in Finland

There are no fixed deadlines for bachelor’s degrees and UAS in Finland. They follow their own deadlines and their own calendar. These are the dates if you want to study in Finland for a Masters degree.

Keep in mind that these are just the dates for your reference and it may change from university to university. It is advisable to check the application deadlines with the university you are applying to.




Application Period


submit the certificates


Student Selection Result will be published


Deadline to be accepted at universities


Term Begins

There are some universities that offer application windows apart from these dates as well, and those are termed as ‘additional applications’. It is important to know that additional applications are not available with all the universities for all the courses.