Visa and Entry Requirements

Citizens of non-EU/EEA/Nordic countries

In the event that you are an international student originating from a nation in the EU or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Denmark or Finland and you have an entire medical coverage, you are naturally allowed the privilege to study and live in Sweden and do not need a visa. Likewise, natives of the non- EU/EEA/Nordic nations will require an entry visa for Sweden, if their study keeps going under three months. For courses that require longer time, worldwide students must apply for the student visa.

Before applying to the Swedish student visa

There are some conditions that you have to satisfy, In order to be qualified for the student visa. You can discover them below:

  • The college study program you applied to must be full-time.
  • You should have a written confirmation that you have been accepted.
  • You are prescribed to prove your enthusiasm for seeking after the study and pay the primary educational cost charge rate.
  • In the event that you remain short of what one year, you are required to have a far reaching medical coverage.
  • The validity of your passport should have at least six months.
  • You should apply for the student visa as soon as possible, since the general waiting time is around two – three months. When you apply for the visa at the local embassy, you should likewise show the original versions of the reports you bring.
Documents required for student visa in Sweden

Copies of the pages from your passport with individual data, validity period and the authorization to live in another nation.
The letter of acknowledgment from the college that expresses that you have been admitted to a full-time course. In the event that you applied to a PhD degree, the length of the course should be determined.
A copy of the evidence that you have far reaching health insurance scope in Sweden (if your study goes on for not as much as a year). This applies additionally if the college or college school covers your protection.
A bank proclamation that proves that you can fiscally support yourself for at least 840 EUR/month or 165 EUR/month, on the off chance that you get free food and accommodation. The document must cover the length of your study and to be interpreted in English. You can likewise attach reports that prove that you've gotten a scholarship, student help or, if there should arise an occurrence of PhD students – an educational grant or work in research.

Obtaining Residence Permit

Citizens of non-EU/EEA/Nordic countries

On the off chance that your studies in Sweden will last longer than three months, you'll require a residence permit before coming to Sweden. To be qualified, you should be confessed to full-time accredited college studies in Sweden and have paid your first educational cost expense installment.

To apply for a residence permit for studies, you'll have to:
  • Pay your first educational cost expense installment.
  • Set up your supporting documentation. This incorporates copies of your passport and letter of confirmation and in addition proving that you can support yourself fiscally during your time as a student in Sweden. On the off chance that you'll be remaining in Sweden for short of what one year, you'll additionally require evidence of thorough medical coverage.
  • Submit the online application.
  • Pay the application charge.
  • The present waiting time for a residence permit for studies is three months or more, so make sure to present your application as soon as possible after getting your notice of confirmation.

Residents of EU/EEA/Nordic nations

Residents of EU/EEA/Nordic countries can live and study in Sweden without a residence permit or visa. On the off chance that you'll be remaining in Sweden for over twelve months, you should enlist with the Swedish Tax Agency.