Admission Requirements to study in Sweden

In order to be qualified for the courses and projects you apply for, you should meet certain general and particular passage requirements. These requirements vary contingent upon the level of the course or program you have applied to – bachelor's or master's – and what is required of the college to which you are applying.

Bachelor's level requirements

General entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry necessities for bachelor's level studies, all students must:
  • Have effectively finished their upper secondary (secondary school) training.
  • Have the capacity to exhibit capability in English. The entry necessity for studies at the bachelor's level in Sweden is what might as well be called the Swedish upper secondary course English 6/English B.
Specific entry requirements

Most courses and study programs have Specific entry requirements notwithstanding the general requirements noted above. These are frequently connected to the area of study of the course or program. For instance, an economics matters course may require a more elevated amount of upper secondary school math accomplishment.

These particular necessities are sketched out in an individual course or program descriptions which can be found on the site of the college. You can go straightforwardly to these course or program descriptions from your query lists.

Master's level requirements:

General entry requirements

To meet the entry requirements for master's level studies, you should:

Have been granted a Bachelor's degree (identical to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized college.
Have the capacity to exhibit capability in English. You can do this by a method for a universally recognized test, for example, TOEFL, IELTS, and so forth. Past upper secondary studies or college concentrates finished in a few nations can likewise meet the prerequisite. Check the site of the college where you might want to contemplate for more data about language necessities as they figure out what level is required for Master's course and program.
Specific entry requirements

Notwithstanding the necessities represented above, there might be Specific entry requirements for the course or program. These are sketched out in an individual course or program descriptions which can be found on the site of the college. You can go specifically to this individual course or program descriptions from your query lists.

How to apply at Sweden University:

Sweden is one of a kind in that it has an organized admission system. This implies candidates can apply for courses and projects at all colleges on a similar application – and appropriate at

Advantageous electronic application and process

The greater part of universal candidates applies electronically for courses and projects. On, you can:
  • Make a client account
  • Look for courses and projects
  • Search out and send in your application
  • Pay your application fee, if required
  • Upload your required documents
  • Follow your application
  • Get and print out your Notification of Selection Results
  • The answer to any offers of admission
  • Follow the steps in this section to finish your application rapidly and effectively.

One set of supporting documents:

Students must submit documentation in support of their application. These documents can incorporate upper secondary school transcripts, college transcripts, and English test results. The documents you upload or send to University Admissions in Sweden are checked into electronic admissions system. In that way, regardless of where an admissions officer is in Sweden, he or she can raise document and take a look at all of your documents and your application data.

Preparatory assessment:

Your application will be enrolled and checked in a few stages and by various organizations. On account of the quantity of user, this procedure can take some time. Please note that in some cases, the last assessment won't be made until the most recent week before selection.

Notification of selection results:

Once the selection results have been distributed, you will get an email suggestion to sign into 'My pages' and check your results. Your notice will be open online and also in a printable PDF-document. On the off chance that you are offered a place, read the directions about applying for a student residence permit and installment of educational cost charges (if required), and in addition any data about enlistment/enrollment days or initial meetings held by the college.

Answer online:

You will be required to answer online to your first Notification of Selection Results. In the event that you neglect to answer, or answer after the due date, you will lose your place. Kindly make certain to answer on time!