Swedish Education System
The academic year is split into autumn and spring semesters. The majority of courses and study programs begin in the autumn. Autumn semester begins toward the finish of August and proceeds until mid-January of the next year. The spring semester, as a rule, begins in January and completions toward the finish of June.
Between the spring and autumn semesters, numerous colleges have a short summer session. A student might be granted a most extreme of 15 credits for courses taken during the mid-year session.
When applying to study in Sweden, you may apply for independent (individual) courses or full study programs.
On the off chance that you choose to study an independent course or a range of courses, you are granted credits on the finish of these courses. It is possible to be granted a diploma or degree if you accumulate the proper number of credits in the correct blend.
On the other hand, you may apply for a full study program. Study programs are comprised of courses, some of which are necessary (required) and some of which are optional. Some of the study programs lead to proficient or professional capabilities. Study programs shift long from two to eleven semesters.
Degrees: Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies
Undergraduate Studies
The alternatives for a Bachelor in Sweden are vast. Students from everywhere throughout the world have picked a Bachelor in Sweden degree program. Universities in Sweden promote the forward thinking and inventive thoughts that are important for the global aggressive employment showcase. The universities are likewise first class, however, these are not by any means the only reasons that students pick a Bachelor in Sweden. Outside of the classroom, students can exploit the delightful view, energizing urban areas, art, culture, music, and outdoor activities.
Bachelor Programs
  • Bachelors in International Management
  • Bachelors in marketing management
  • Bachelors in Sustainable Enterprise Development
  • Bachelors in International Economics
  • Bachelors in New Design Management
  • Bachelors in Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Postgraduate Studies
Sweden has metropolitan urban areas, with a mix of excellent old architecture and modern neighborhoods populated by young, eager Swedes. Sweden has numerous amazing colleges and universities that offer superb Master in Sweden programs. Sweden has one of the most astounding ways of life on the planet and additionally having the quickest developing economy and the most noteworthy rate of development in the EU. Students from everywhere throughout the world are attracted to Master Sweden programs making it a differing and mentally refreshing condition for advanced education. Students seeking after Master in Sweden degree have the adaptability of full-time, part-time and online studies.
Master Programs
  • Masters in IT, Management and Innovation
  • Masters in International Financial Analysis
  • Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Mgt.
  • Masters in International Marketing
  • Masters in Strategic Management
  • Masters in Managing in a Global Context
  • Masters in Digital Business
  • Masters in Engineering Business
  • Masters in Economic Analysis
Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Institutes for International Education
Jonkoping University
Jonkoping University is a modern organization that is described by internationalization and entrepreneurial spirit. In both education and research, Jonkoping University cooperates intimately with industry and society.
Jonkoping University has around 10,000 students, of whom 1500 are global, with 720 representatives and works with around 350 worldwide partner colleges and 800 organizations.
The college is one of the pioneers in global student trades, and are among the best in Sweden with regards to attracting fees paying students.
Establishment University
Jonkoping University is a foundation university with the privilege to award degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.
The establishment is sorted out as a non-benefit group with Jonkoping University Foundation as the parent association and six completely possessed auxiliaries: Health Sciences, School of Education and Communication, Jonkoping International Business School, School of Engineering, University Services Jonkoping University and Enterprise.
The conditions for state-subsidized higher education and research is managed by a long-term structure agreement with the Swedish government and by yearly agreements on education and research mission. Additionally Leads College commissioned and commissioned research.
Types of courses where Sweden really excel
Bachelors in International Management
In the event that you need to work in international and global business settings, International Management is the program for you. The International Management program consolidates entrepreneurship, business reestablishment, and internationalization to offer you a wide viewpoint on business and give a good foundation to your future profession.
The program sets you up for the dynamic way of today's business life. In a world, with an expanding worldwide with an increasing international competition, there is an extraordinary requirement for directors who can create existing organizations by seizing new business opportunities.
The International Management program involves essential courses in financial matters and business studies and practices on business administration and business reestablishment in a worldwide setting. The program has picked up EPAS EFMD accreditation.
Bachelors in Sustainable Supply Chain Management
The program in Sustainable Enterprise Development has been made to fill the expanding need for both for-benefit and not-for- profit associations, for pioneers who can start and manage the change process. The program initiates students who are occupied with the administration of progress and development, with a specific attention on natural and social manageability. It is designed to foster creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude so that as a graduate you can launch and manage new activities – or restore existing practices. During your studies, you will associate with students from different societies and be taught by an engaged in and worldwide group of personnel. You are relied upon to spend one semester abroad and to build up an individual portfolio that documents and highlights your self-awareness during the program. After finishing your studies you will be very much arranged for work in the private, non- benefit and open area – and for post-graduate study. The program gives a strong establishment to a position as a rule administration, yet especially prepares you for work as a venture pioneer, business engineer or maintainability chief.
Other popular courses in the country
Masters in IT, Management and Innovation
This program provides knowledge and skills in three key areas: project management, the use of IT in business, organizational and technological innovation, and the evaluation of IT in organizations.
During the first semester, courses focus on project management and how to manage and evaluate information technology improvements. During this semester, students perform a real-life project in groups. The second semester provides deep theoretical knowledge and tools required for managing and analyzing information technology and information systems. The research methods course during the second semester gives students knowledge of state-of- the-art research and the analytical skills to independently perform scientific work.
All courses are given in English. The program is open to students from around the world, and courses have a varied international participation of students. This international atmosphere contributes to a broad perspective of the issues discussed in class.
Masters in Economic Analysis
The program plans to build student's center capabilities to work with financial issues at different spatial levels; universal, and neighborhood. During the primary year, students learn theoretical and quantitative analytical skills. In the second year, the program intends to additionally extend the students capabilities in the range of spatial economics. Strengthening econometric skills is at the center of first-year's courses. The last term is dedicated to writing a comprehensive thesis, which is directed in the close coordinated effort with the workforce. This gives you the chance to build up connections with the examination staff and furthermore pick up understanding into the academic milieu and learning about how to lead research. Furthermore, numerous scientists inside the financial matters workforce practice inside the field of local financial matters, making an incredible match.
The program incorporates a few strategy courses which give the students the devices and aptitudes to analyze and process information and reach determinations. In this manner, this program joins hypothetical learning with valuable functional aptitudes.
The program pulls in students and educators from around the globe, this international atmosphere contributes to a wide perspective of the issues examined in class.
Masters in Industrial design
This Master's program gives the chance to expand your knowledge and inventiveness inside the territory of the modern plan. You will take in more about the entire design plan from a human perspective, with an emphasis on ease of use, ergonomics, style, materials and creation, and in addition drafting systems and visualization.
Making smart thoughts and making them look extraordinary
The courses have an interdisciplinary approach and are guided by the connection amongst people and products. The program gives students the chance to utilize a variety of instruments to rapidly visualize ideas and ideas to build up their inventiveness in the outline studio and through model workshops. Students additionally figure out how to formulate and present thoughts and solutions and distinguish new products and opportunities. A significant piece of this current Master's program keeps running in project form, implementing sharp projects in a joint effort with an organization.
Two tracks
The Master's program is comprised of two tracks, each of them running during two semesters/one year. The principal year you concentrate the track "The Man and the Product" and you will learn more about design communication, business, and ergonomics. The second year's track is called "The Company and the Environment", and you will then concentrate on sharp tasks inside the region of industrial design.
Universal point of view
All courses are conducted in English and you study together with other global students. There are possible results for you to study one semester abroad at one of their partner colleges. Modern arrangement course In this course, you have five weeks of entry-level position in an organization or another association. The object is to you an understanding of future work tasks and how these are related to your education.
Profession prospects
On completion of the degree, you will be very much prepared for work on mechanical outline projects, or as an expert. In the event that you are occupied with a career in research contexts, the program additionally gives a firm establishment to future research work.
Swedish Grading System
Masters in IT, Management and Innovation
The Swedish reviewing framework differs relying upon the level of instruction.
Swedish colleges utilize the review letter scale as observed in the table underneath:
  International scale Swedish scale
  A (Excellent)
 MVG - Very well approved
  B (Very good, with few errors)
 (very good, with few errors)
 VG - Distinction
  E (Good, with some errors. This is the minimum passing grade)
 (good, with some errors)
 G - Approved
  F (Fail)
 (satisfactory, with many errors)
 IG - Unauthorized
International scale Swedish scale
In some cases, particular courses are graded utilizing two evaluations: G - Godkänd (pass) or U - Underkänd (Fail)
The most common recognized grade point scale at Swedish colleges and schools ranges from a greatest grade purpose of 5 to a base passing grade of 3.
In the event that you are applying for college considers in Sweden as an undergraduate (first cycle) student, your grades from upper secondary school from your nation of origin will be changed over into a grade point scale according to toward the accompanying criteria:
On the off chance that you have a school certificate from the International Baccalaureate, International Lycée (Swedish segment) or from a school in Åland, your grade point average will be changed over into a scale with a most extreme grade purpose of 20 and a base grade purpose of 10.
On the off chance that your case doesn't fall into the classification said before, your grades will be changed over into a scale with a most extreme grade purpose of 500 and a base grade purpose of 300.