Visa & Entry Requirememt

Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) require just substantial travel documents, i.e. passport or identity cards to come to Latvia.

Non-EU nationals need to check on the off chance that they require a visa to enter Latvia. The visa legitimacy period relies on upon every particular case. In fact, with a legitimate visa, you can remain in Latvia for up to 90 days. On the off chance that students from outside EU come for a longer period than 90 days, they should apply for a residence permit in a Latvian Embassy abroad. Please note that it might take up to a little while to acquire a visa or residence permit. In this manner, application methodology should be started as early as possible.

In the event that you require the visa, please counsel the Latvian Embassy in your nation or district to learn what methodology you should undergo and what documents you have to submit. Be that as it may, the college you are applying for can likewise counsel you on the visa issue.

Keeping in mind the end goal to contemplate in Latvia Students who will apply for studies should know that before continuing with the application procedure/signing the agreement/applying for the residence permit the documents, the admission office of the picked college will send your Education documents for verification.

Admission office of the picked college will help you during the application procedure and will advise you about the prerequisites for applications for studies!

  • Completed Application Form
  • Photo
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of study agreement with the university (original must be introduced)
  • Copy of Education/Degree verification or Diploma and Transcripts of records/imprints
  • Copy of academic acknowledgment of outside capability
  • Proof of study fee payment
  • A statement on punishability issued by a competent organization of the citizenship or the host nation
  • Bank statement that confirms sufficient financial means or everyday costs for remaining in Latvia during the legitimacy time of the residence permit
  • Rental agreement or assurance letter from college about the perspective place of residence
  • Statement on fluorography or x-ray examining results
  • Health insurance for the entire validity time of the residence permit
 Obtainning resident permit

As per Latvian Immigration Law, an outsider has the privilege to ask for a temporary residence permit in accordance with the time period of educational establishments certify in the Republic of Latvia or full- time students.

Under Latvian Immigration Law, a residence permit gives an outsider the privilege to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a predefined era, for instance, students may live in Latvia for the time period of studies.

Visa confirms that a man has asked for an authorization to enter and reside in the Republic of Latvia or in any Schengen Agreement Member State for the timeframe showed in visa and for the quantity, times demonstrated in that.

For all intents and purposes, on account of concentrate abroad, a student enter from third nations (residing outside Schengen Area) a residence permit is more reasonable rather than a student visa.

In order to get a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia regarding students at a licensed higher education foundation or support in studies program you should display at the international embassy of Republic of Latvia a substantial travel document conceded in the Republic of Latvia (identification) and present the accompanying documents:
  • Filled application form for a residence permit request;
  • A photograph;
  • A statement on punishability issued by a skillful foundation of the citizenship or the host nation, if a non-native has resided in that nation longer than 12 months
  • A document affirming the important subsistence - EUR 285 every month (12x 285EUR = 3415 EUR a year). In such manner you should exhibit a statement from bank demonstrating that you claim no less than 3415 EUR;
  • A document affirming the conceived place of residence in the Republic of Latvia and the rights to remain there;
  • A document affirming state duty payment;
  • An agreement on studies in the Republic of Latvia;
  • Reports confirming that you have gained the vital instruction to begin the studies.
Prior to the accommodation of the documents your inviter might endorse the call at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs Foreigners Service Center or at a regional office. Presumably the invitation would be conceded by the specific instructive organization concerned. The Inviter should require the invitation at Migration Office in Latvia and thereafter the invitation might be sent to the international embassy by post. Invitation is compulsory document during the time spent getting visa.

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