Admission Requirement

Admission to higher education foundations contains an application, entrance tests, registration for studies and matriculation. The privilege to study in a school of higher education might be presented to each citizen of Latvia, on people who have received the non-native passport of the Republic of Latvia, and in addition, the individuals who have gotten a perpetual residence permit in Latvia provided that candidates have the suitable educational foundation. With a specific end goal to be selected in a school of higher education for a school or four-year certification program, a document attesting to the acquisition of secondary education is necessary. In Latvia both Atestāts standard vispārējo vidējo izglītību (Certificate of general secondary education) and Diploma standard profesionālo vidējo izglītību (Certificate of secondary professional training) are considered as proportional to a full optional education).

Extra necessities on what different documents should be submitted are determined by every individual training foundation as indicated by the passageway controls embraced by the Senate of the school. Admission requirements may differ contingent on the level of competition to enter a specific program.

For Bachelors

In the event that you have effectively finished upper secondary studies in one of the signatory nations, are in control of a legitimate school leaving certificate and meet all requirements for higher education thinks about in your nation of origin, you may likewise qualify for higher education contemplates in Latvia. Sometimes, you are likewise asked for to take extra qualifying courses or potentially confirmation tests relying upon the study program.

For Masters

In the event that you are applying for a master's program at a higher education establishment in Latvia, you are required to be in possession of an appropriate bachelor's or comparable degree recognition.

For Ph.D.

If you are applying for doctoral studies at a college in Latvia, you are required to be in possession of a pertinent certificate or graduate degree program.

Language requirement for studies at university in Latvia:

You will be required to demonstrate your level of command of the language of instruction, regardless of whether it is Latvian or whatever another language. All in all, advanced education foundations in Europe ask for students to demonstrate they have a level of charge of the language of guideline comparing to the B1/B2 level (transitional) as indicated by the European language passport.

Kindly be advised that the more focused a course or study program is, the higher the level of information of the language will be.

How to apply at university

Although every college has somewhat extraordinary application and enrollment methodology, the general strides you take during the application strategy and enlistment period are as per the following:
  • Apply with sending your documents for assessment and once the qualification is affirmed you get your Conditional Acceptance Letter took after with the positive AIC endorsement.
  • When you pay the educational cost expenses expressed in your letter, you can at the same time apply for Resident Permit.
  • Apply for Resident Permit and get ready documents for the visa.
  • Ensure you inform the University about your flight details no less than 3 working days before your arrival for the airport pickup. When you land at the Riga International Airport get got by college faculty.
  • Ensure the specific next day after you enter in Latvia, get your student ID, begin choosing your courses, and enroll at accommodation halls on the off chance that you are remaining on campus.
  • Introduction week will illuminate you about all that you require about Latvia and your college.
On the off chance that international arrangements don't give generally, outside students who meet the accompanying prerequisites might be selected in establishments of advanced education of Latvia if:
  • The student's confirmation of secondary education meets Latvian training models;
  • The student's level of learning relates to the level required for admission to the particular organization and program of advanced education;
  • The student has an adequate level of capability in the language(s) of the guideline.
The enlistment of candidates and the end dates for applications may fluctuate in various advanced education foundations. Students wishing to study in Latvia need to contact and present their applications straightforwardly to the picked organization.