Latvia's Education System

The Latvian Education System includes pre-school training, 9-year fundamental instruction, upper- secondary instruction and higher education. Formal post-secondary non-tertiary education in Latvia is arranged at the secondary education level.

Education System in Latvia

Colleges and other higher education organizations run both academic and professional projects, e.g. lawyer, educator, interpreter, marine technician and so forth. Bachelor's (bakalaurs) and master's (maģistrs) degrees are granted in both academic and professional higher education programs. Graduates of both types of bachelor's programs and master degrees have entry to further studies.

Latvia is utilizing a national credit point framework in higher education. One Latvian national credit point is characterized as a one-week full-time study workload. The normal all day workload of an academic year in most higher education projects is 40 credits. The Latvian credit point framework is perfect with ECTS. The quantity of ECTS credits is found by multiplying the quantity of Latvian credit focuses on an element of 1.5.

Academic programs prompting to a four-year certification contain 120 - 160 national credit focuses (160-180 ECTS), including:
  • Compulsory subjects - at least 50 national credit focuses (75 ECTS);
  • Electives at least 20 national credit focuses (30 ECTS);
  • Thesis at least 10 national credit focuses (15 ECTS);
  • The reminder is left for students as free electives.
  • The length of full-time studies is 6 - 8 semesters (3-4 years).
Academic programs prompting to a master degree contain 80 national credit focuses (120 ECTS), of which:

The thesis is at least 20 national credit focuses (30 ECTS)

The necessary part of the program incorporates theoretical parts of the particular field of logical scientific discipline – at least 30 national credit focuses (45 ECTS)

And, the practical information of theory tackling genuine issues – at the very least 15 national credit points (22,5 ECTS).

The duration of full-time studies is 4 semesters (2 years) and requires no less than 5 years add up to the length of bachelor ranger and master studies. The objectives of academic higher education are to prepare graduates for free research, and in addition to giving a theoretical foundation to professional exercises. Academic education programs are executed by the national standard of academic education.


Degrees: Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies

Undergraduate Studies

Latvia is a choice for some international students looking for a four-year college education. The education in Latvia is high quality by international standards and there are a lot of Bachelor in Latvia programs to look over. A portion of the more well-known territories of study for students looking for a Bachelor in Latvia is in the fields of business, advertising, plan, design, political science, and region considers. Another advantage of earning a Bachelor in Latvia is the lower typical cost for basic items contrasted with other European nations.

Bachelor Programs
  • BSc in computer Science
  • BSc in Electronics
  • Business Administration
  • Tourism management
  • Bachelor's in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication
  • Professional Bachelor in Information Technologies
  • Veterinary Medicine and many more…
Postgraduate Studies

The education system in Latvia has its individual focuses and offers both academic and professional instruction in state and non-public schools everywhere throughout the nation. There are around 60 higher education organizations in Latvia that prepare professionals in various fields of study. The colleges are mainly full in the real urban communities of Latvia where some of them offer advanced education with great academic future and research movement, and others prepare students for professional careers in such fields as, medicine, agribusiness or social studies. Whatever your advantage and field of study, you will locate an amazing Master in Latvia program.
  • International Marketing & Trade
  • Masters in Management of Information systems
  • Masters in Management
  • Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Masters in Electronics and Communication
  • Master of Engineering
  • Professional Master in Education
  • Master of Engineering in Food Science
Professional Master in Food Hygiene and many more…

Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Institutes for International Education

ISMA University
  • ISMA University is one of the main higher instructive establishments in Latvia. ISMA has rich conventions and clear future vision inside the normal territory of European higher education.
  • ISMA students are furnished with a chance to make their fantasies work out by getting the required information in the five bearings, which are authorize by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Latvia.
  • ISMA effectively guarantees to proceed with development, which these days is a preference on the Latvian and European work markets while offering aggressive instruction, which consolidates both hypothesis and practice.
  • Offering different professional development projects and courses ISMA is a solid participation accomplice for everybody who is resolved to assemble future career, acquire new information and raise proficient capability.
  • ISMA is glad for the work quality, proficient and innovative capability of the representatives, and the academic staff who get ready students for their future professions. The provision of subjective information and aptitudes is one of the essential estimations of ISMA.

TSI University of Applied Science
  • In the present-day appearance TSI was built up in 1999. These days TSI – is the just a single private specialized school college sort in Latvia, where you can get advanced education in Russian, Latvian and English languages. The Institute got changeless authorization in Latvia as a higher education organization.
  • The Institute gives the academic programs in the accompanying bearings: transport and logistics, Computer sciences, hardware and media transmission, economics and administration, avionics transport.
  • In TSI you can get higher professional training of first and second levels, bachelor and master degrees, get ready and defined a doctoral dissertation.
  • The Institute Foundation Course is devised for candidates who will apply for full-time study projects at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) whose level of English or Mathematics isn't sufficient to study successfully or does not meet the program necessities.
Riga Technical Universities
  • RTU is a present day globally recognized college. It is the main polytechnic college in Latvia and the biggest college in the nation – it instructs and prepares right around 15 thousand students.
  • RTU is centered on turning into a third era college that gives high quality education, as well as conducts advance research and guarantees advancement and innovation exchange, practically implementing scientific discoveries. In the nine resources of RTU it is conceivable to get great training in engineering, as well as in sociologies and humanities.
  • Study programs executed by RTU have been emphatically assessed by universal specialists and are formally certify. RTU is continually building up its framework by developing a campus on Ķīpsala Island. On completion, the campus will be the most progressive engineering study center in the Baltic Region.
Latvia University of Agriculture
  • The Latvia University of Agriculture is a higher education and science foundation of the Republic of Latvia, where scientific research and academic and professional study programs are carried out.
  • The primary objective of the University is to make the intellectual potential for giving the manageable development of Latvia and its field specifically while getting to be and up to-date, globally recognized and prestigious college, which effectively coordinates into the assembled European space of advanced education and science.
  • Latvia University of Agriculture is one of the main colleges of science and advances in the Baltic Sea locale, gaining practical experience in the maintainable utilization of characteristic assets went for the upgrade of personal satisfaction for society. 

Types of courses where country really excel

Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the powerfully developing businesses and the quickest developing markets in Latvia, Europe and worldwide with boundless points of view. The program gives its share to the developing needs of exceptionally qualified experts and in addition cooks for youngsters' interests in getting a best in class instruction, guaranteeing them with a decent progression in expert development and profession.

The graduates are capable for doing subjective statistical surveying and giving successful advancement of tourism items in Latvia and abroad. They can assume liability to run diverse associations in tourism industry (travel offices, inns, eateries, transport associations, recreation and tourism information workplaces, tourism publicizing organizations). They can apply their insight in news coverage.

Micro and Macroeconomics, Management and Marketing, Finances and Banking, Accounting and Auditing, Commercial Law; Tourism Management, Recrealogy, Geography of Cultural Centers, Excursion Guiding, Travel Agency Management, Catering and Accommodation Industries; Fundamental Sciences (Economical Mathematics, Scientific Research Methodology, Philosophy; Information Technologies and Computer Sciences, Computerized Reservations System; Foreign Languages.

Data Systems Management Institute has its own traveler club and a travel organization empowering the students to obtain the fundamental viable aptitudes.

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication

The program includes the courses on essential sciences – Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, comprehension of which is required for Electronics.

And additionally courses on Computer proficiency and use of Computers in Electronics, courses on basics of Electronics – circuit hypothesis; signal hypothesis, electrodynamics and electron gadgets.

Comprehension of the latter is essential keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to outline simple and computerized gadgets, to comprehend the operation of present day electronic frameworks, for example, radio frameworks and those of picture transmission.

The program contains additionally humanitarian subjects and subjects of free choice.

Other popular courses in country

Master in Civil Engineering

The developing interest for infrastructure to maintain present day social orders and support monetary and social advancement requires innovative arrangements from all engineering experts.

The Master study program gives students the aptitudes to shape and keep up the constructed condition around us.

The point is to give postgraduate training to students wishing to enhance their insight base in structural engineering and to increase extra expert abilities.

This program is reasonable for students wanting to seek after expert career in counseling, industry and government service organization over the expansive range of the expert orders.

Engineering Economics and Management

The Bachelor study program Organization and Management of International Economic Relations is intended to teach and prepare senior pros and heads of divisions in the field of worldwide financial relations administration as per the worldwide work advertise requests. The key attention of the study procedure is placed on the development of professional and practical skills based on logical accomplishments, hypothetical information and specifics of the practical business.

The study program imagines specialization in two directions

Organization of foreign economic relations in the establishments of the European Union;

International economic relations administration in enterprises.

The educational staff of the college and in addition industry representatives and exceedingly prepared professionals with practical experience developed in organizations and establishments of the important field are included in the study procedure implementation.

Grading System of Latvia

The academic grading framework in Latvia has recently been changed to a ten-point scale, where 10 is the most astounding achievable grade, and 1 is granted for to a great degree poor execution. The negligible passing evaluation is 4 to get the 4, you should procure no less than half right on the work you turn in. In spite of the fact that a few colleges have a base passing evaluation of 5.

The absence of any sort of execution is shown by nv (Latvian: nav vērtējuma 'no appraisal conceivable'); before, the check for nonattendance of work was 0 (Latvian: nulle). Educators in lower classes and for minor assignments in higher classes are urged to honor one of two evaluations: i (Latvian: ieskaitīts 'checked') for a passing evaluation, and ni (Latvian: neieskaitīts 'not tallied') for a coming up short grade. The grade of 10 is held for extraordinary accomplishments. 9 is most ordinarily utilized for a United States likeness an A.
Grade Percentage Translation
10 95-100 Excellent
9 85-95 Very Good
8 75-85 Good
7 65-75 Satisfactory
6 55-65 Satisfactory
5 45-55 Bad
4 35-45 Very Bad
1-3 0-35 Fail