PTE Exams are conducted throughout the year. It is a 3-hour test that is taken on a computer. You need to answer 20 types of questions that range from graphs, real-life lectures, charts, and several types of accents to regular life situations. The PTE exam syllabus is divided into 3 sections, such as Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. Below is the syllabus mentioned in detail.

Syllabus for Speaking and Writing section 

This segment of SAT includes the test of two skills, Speaking and Writing abilities in the English language. The time duration for this segment is between 77 to 93 minutes. The following types of questions are asked: 
  • Personal introduction: In the personal introduction section, you need to introduce yourself within 30 seconds after reading a prompt within 25 seconds.
  • Read Aloud: You need to read aloud the displayed passage after preparing it within the given window of 30 to 40 seconds. The passage is more than 60 words and you need to start reading aloud within 3 seconds of activating the mic.
  • Repeat Sentence: You need to repeat the contents of the audio clip ranging from 3 to 9 seconds in length. The repetition must be completed within 15 seconds.
  • Describe image: You will be shown an image that you can study within 25 seconds and then describe within 40 seconds after the mic is opened.
  • Re-tell Lecture: An audio-visual lecture of 90 seconds is played and you must retell it within 40 seconds. The preparation time of 10 seconds is given in between for you to prepare.
  • Answer Short Question: A short question and answer take place between the test you need to answer a question with an image which is played for 3 to 9 seconds. The answer must be given within 10 seconds.
  • Summarize Written Text: You will be given a summary of up to 300 words of the passage. You must summarize within 75 words. You will get up to 10 minutes to provide the answer.
  • Essay: For a given 2 to 3-sentence prompt, you must write a 200 to 300 words essay within the given time of 20 minutes. 

Syllabus for the Reading section

The second section is the Reading Section. It is usually 32 to 41 minutes long. This section tests the student’s ability to understand written instructions and language. It is divided into 5  sections as given below :
  • Multiple choice, single answer: You will be given a passage of up to 300 words. After that, a list of multiple-choice questions is asked. Each question has only one correct response.
  • Multiple choice, multiple answers: There will be a passage of up to 300 words, and based on those multiple-choice questions are asked. Each question has more than one correct answer and you must select each correct answer.
  • Re-order paragraph: Various boxes with each containing some text appear on the screen that you are asked to arrange in the right order according to them.
  • Fill in the blanks: You need to drag and drop the randomized text boxes to their correct place from where they are missing in an up to 80 words paragraph.
  • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks: There will be several blank spaces in a passage and each space has a dropdown with options from which you must choose the right response.

Syllabus for the Listening section
The last section of PTE is the Listening section. The time duration for this section is 45 to 57 minutes, the section is designed to assess the ability of the student to understand spoken English. The listening section is divided into 8 parts, namely:
  • Summarize Spoken Text: You have to listen to an audio clip of 60 to 90 seconds and then write a summary of it in 50 to 70 words within a time limit of 10 minutes.
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: Multiple choice questions, each with more than one correct answer are asked from you based on a 40 to 90-seconds audio clip.
  • Fill in the blanks: An audio clip of 30 to 60 seconds is played which you can listen to and analyse. Based on this clip you need to fill the blanks in a passage that has been presented.
  • Highlight Correct Summary: A 30 to 90-seconds audio clip is played, you need to choose the best fitting summary for the recording.
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answers: Based on 30 to 60 seconds audio recording, you must answer the multiple-choice question presented which has a single correct answer.
  • Select Missing Word: From a list of options, you need to select the missing word that has been replaced in a 20 to 70 seconds recording with a beep. 
  • Highlight Incorrect Words: In this section, you need to highlight the incorrect words by matching the transcript of an audio clip with the clip itself which can be between 15 to 50 seconds long. 
  • Write from Dictation: In this section, you will hear a short sentence. You should then type the sentence into the response box after that
Clearing the PTE will help you unlock many great adventures for you to study abroad. You can visit the official website of Pearson for more details and registration.