The PTE is an English language ability test that evaluates the applicant on 4 major segments, i.e speaking, listening, writing, and reading abilities. This is a computer-based test having a duration of 2 hours. The PTE Exam has 20 different questions and some of them may test two different skills at the same time. You need to prepare well to gain a high score in PTE.

PTE Preparation

Preparing properly for the exam plays a contributory role in clearing any exam successfully. When giving full attention and concentration in preparation, each section of PTE can be mastered. Here are some useful tips for each section for you to crack PTE with a high score:

  1. Know the PTE format Knowing the test format and what types of questions you will come across in each section of the exam will build the confidence for your test day. Understanding the PTE exam pattern and types of questions is important for achieving a good score.
  2. Make your Grammar Perfect The soul of every language is its Grammar. You might think that you have a perfect grasp of grammar, but it takes only a few seconds to fable and spoil the exam. Practice it every day, there will be plenty of things that you will learn with each passing day. Whatever you study, practice, and examine which ones of them can benefit you better. Use the best out of the best vocabulary in your exam.
  3. Build a strong vocabulary base You should try to build a strong vocabulary base during the preparation of your PTE. You can help yourself with functional and topical language. Explore a wide range of themes on social and current issues and personal and familiar topics. Write the notes of useful vocabulary and phrases and try to use them in your daily conversation.
  4. Learn test strategies Knowing the tricks and strategies for tackling each section of the PTE is equally important to know the format of the test. Each section of PTE evaluates different skills, so you need to be aware of the different strategies to use during the test.
  5. Practice as much as you can Make use of your leisure time to practice your skills. Practice speaking English at your home, institution, or workplace, where it is possible. Join the English-speaking groups, where you will get the opportunity to practice the English language. Take every opportunity to write in English, read English, and speak in English. You may always take advantage of online videos and tutorials available over the internet.
  6. Take sample tests Take advantage of the sample test. This will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them accordingly. You also have to put yourself under time limitations and pretend as if you are sitting for a real test. It will train you for the official Test Day. There are various online PTE sample tests available for free.
  7. Learn time management Even if you are a fast reader and your vocabulary is too good still time management holds high importance. To get a good grade on this test, you must be able to listen carefully, read properly, write correctly, and speak clearly within the given time limit. Prepare a time strategy for each section so that you don’t leave any questions incomplete.
  8. Take note of the Negative marking Only ‘multiple-choice, choose multiple answers’ questions have negative marking. This will penalize you if you choose the incorrect option. This type of question appears in the reading and listening section of the PTE. So, answer the questions here only if you are sure that is correct otherwise you will lose points.
  9. Focus Weak areas Your overall PTE score depends on your performance in all the questions of each module. So you need to concentrate much on the weaker parts and plan how to improve your skills up to the required level. You need to find out the sections or topics where you are weak and focus more on that part.
  10. Read as if it can make a difference Reading can surely make a change. Whenever you get time, read newspapers and magazines. They can be a good source for you to get through the exam easily. You never know to what point your reading level can be at the exam. So, newspapers are the best substitutes.

PTE is a widely accepted English language proficiency test all over the world. It is a completely computer-based examination. Keep the above tips for the PTE exam in mind to score more than 80. The PTE test score ranges from 10-90 points. The PTE exam results are declared within 5 working days from the test date. Each educational institution sets its own level of PTE Scores to meet its academic requirements. Check the required score and prepare accordingly.