Netherlands is an amazing place to pursue your education. However higher education institutes in Netherlands are not tuition-free. If you still want to study in Netherlands at an affordable cost you can apply for scholarships. This will help you to support your study expenses. Read the full article to know which scholarships you can apply for to study in Netherlands.

Scholarships in Netherlands

Scholarships to Study in Netherland

1. Erasmus+

Erasmus+ program is one of the famous scholarships offered to afford tuition and living expenses in the Netherlands. The Erasmus+ offers scholarships for study and traineeships to attract international students. 
Eligibility criteria for it are: 
  • It is offered only for short courses. Your course should be completed within 3 to 12 months. 
  • The student should meet the specific course requirements.

2. Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands

These scholarships are programs that fund the universities. The international students studying in any Erasmus Mundus affiliated Program have an opportunity to obtain this scholarship. This is one of the PhD scholarships in Netherlands.
Host Institute: Erasmus Mundus Universities
Study level: Masters and Doctorate Courses

3. Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by the Dutch government. This scholarship program offers worth 5000 Euros for the whole program. 
Eligibility criteria to apply for this scholarship:
  • The student should hold the citizenship of the country outside the EEA region.
  • The student must apply for a full-time study programme at bachelor’s or master’s levels at one of the participating Dutch higher educational institutes
  • The student should fulfil the particular admission criteria of the selected university

4. NN Future Matters Scholarship

NN Future Matters Scholarship program is open only for students from specific countries. It offers a reward of €5,000 and a mentor for the student who gains the scholarship. You will obtain 2 instalments of  2,250 Euro each during the classes and 500 Euro after your studies.
Eligibility criteria for NN Future Matters Scholarship:
  • The student should be from Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria,  Romania, Hungary, Spain or Turkey.
  • The student must be enrolled in a full-time programme at master’s level at one of the participating universities in Netherlands
  • The student must be enrolled in the field of finance, risk management, economics, data science, or entrepreneurship.
  • The student is a first-generation academic. This means your parents should not have obtained any bachelor’s degree.
  • The student should also fulfil the specific admission criteria of the selected university.

5. Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme 

It is Netherlands government scholarship 2021 for international students. This allows talented students to study in the Netherlands for free. The amount of the scholarship provided is based on the course you choose and your home country.
Eligibility criteria for Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme
  • These scholarships are for students coming from developing countries in Asia and Latin America to study in the Netherlands.  
  • This scholarship is for Master’s, and Doctoral programs 
  • The priority is set for the female students and students coming from sub-Saharan African regions.

Specific Netherland University Scholarships

1. University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships

The scholarship is open for students who are eligible for masters in Netherlands at Maastricht University.
Eligibility criteria for University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships
  • Citizens from outside EU/EEA countries and eligible for study permit in Netherlands.
  • The student must have applied for a full-time Master’s Programs which is part of this scholarship.
  • The student has not pursued any primary, secondary or higher education in Netherlands.
  • The student must be under 35 years of age.
  • The student should have excellent results in the previous Education.
Scholarship Includes:
Expenses covered Amount
Living Expenses € 11,400(12 months)
Health and Liability Insurance  € 700
Visa Application Cost € 192
Tuition Fees € 13,80, € 15,500, € 16,800, depending on the tuition of your study programme
Pre-Academic Training At cost

2. TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

Delft university offers various scholarships for international students in Netherlands to study at their campus. The Scholarships benefit by waving off full Fees and offering living expenses for 2 Years.
Eligibility criteria for TU Delft Excellence Scholarships
  • The Student must be enrolled in any of the MSc Program at TU Delft.
  • The Student must have a GPA higher than 80% from an internationally recognised University. 

3. Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen

The Eric Bleumink Scholarship is offered to the students who are accepted at the University of Groningen for a Master’s Degree. The Scholarship Includes  International Travel Cost, Tuition Fees, Health Insurance, Books, expenses for subsistence,
Eligibility Requirements:
  • The student must be accepted for the program of choice at the University of Groningen
  • The student must have an excellent Academic performance backed by LORs.
  • The student must have obtained excellent Grades in Bachelor’s Degree
  • The student must have excellent English Language Proficiency

4. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the students who are willing to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of Amsterdam. It is one of the full Scholarships for 1 Year which offers about 25000 Euros. The scholarship might be extended for the second year for those who are admitted to a two-year Master’s program at the University of Amsterdam.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • The student must be from a non-EU country.
  • The student must have graduated in the top 10% from their class in Degree Program
  • The student must have chosen the course from the subjects such as Social Sciences, Law, Science, Humanities, Psychology, Communication, Economics and Business, Child Development and Education

5. Anne van den Ban Scholarships for Developing Countries at Wageningen University

Wageningen University offers plenty of scholarships programs for international students from developing countries. With the help of a scholarship, you can cover a part of the expenses of studying in Netherlands. You should be admitted to one of the agriculture, food or environment-related programs at the master’s level at Wageningen University to be eligible for this scholarship program.

6. Leiden University Program

It is merit-based scholarships for students pursuing their MA, MSc, LLB programs at Leiden University. It is not available for EU/EEA students.
Host Institute: Leiden University
Study level: Masters Programs

7. Radboud University Program

This program offers a partial tuition waiver depending on the student. The scholarship also covers health insurance, residence permit, cost of visa etc. This is offered to highly selected non-EEA students for a program taught at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Host Institute: Radboud University
Study level: Masters Programs

8. World Citizen Talent Scholarship for International Students

It is a merit-based scholarship for international students to study in the Netherlands at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Open to master’s students from outside the Netherlands.
Host Institute: Hague University of Applied Science
Study level: Masters Programs

9. VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme (VUFP) 

This Scholarships program is for talented international students to study at VU University Amsterdam in a selected English-taught master's program. The students who are not of Dutch nationality are eligible for this scholarship.
Host Institute: VU University Amsterdam
Study level: English Taught Master’s Program

10. University of Twente Scholarships (UTS)

These scholarships are offered to students coming from outside of EEA to pursue education at Twente University. The value of this scholarship is about 6000-25000 Euros.
Host Institute: University of Twente
Study level: Selected Master's Programs

11. Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship may be offered as tuition fees or tuition fees plus a percentage of living expenses. It can be either in a lump sum or calculated on a certain basis.
Host Institute: Utrecht University
Study level: Selected Master's Programs

We hope you have got enough information about scholarships for Indian students to study in Netherlands. Even other international students can also apply according to eligibility. Common grab this golden opportunity and make your dream of studying in Netherlands affordable.


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