Do you have a master's degree in science? You may apply for a Doctorate in Engineering at any of the three universities of technology. The criterion is that you should be able to create innovative technological designs of the highest standards. They must resolve complex issues that exhibit multidisciplinary characteristics.
Education System in Netherlands

At the end of it all, you will have the skills to provide matchless technological solutions for processes, systems and products. You will also have the requisite competencies for synthesis within an interdisciplinary framework. Therefore, your strategies are in alignment with functional requirements. Additionally, you do not lose sight of market and business goals within the societal context.

You must obtain 120 credits during the two years of study. The first year will be devoted to attaining in-depth knowledge and experience of the latest design methodologies and their applications. A high-tech establishment will hire you during your second year. As a trainee, you must construct an innovative, individual design.

Institutes for International Education

There are six of them in the Netherlands. They emphasize on exchanging knowledge amongst groups. These groups are small, and comprise of people from diverse cultures. Only teachers, who have toured and worked in developing countries, are eligible to teach these groups.

The advanced training may be in the form of master's programs (1 to 2 years) or short-term courses. Just one university offers PhD programs (flexible duration) too. These Institutes generally link up with research universities. You should be able to find the names of these Institutions on the websites of research universities.

Top Universities in the Netherlands

The University of Amsterdam stands 57 th in the QS World University Rankings. It occupies the 15 th place in Europe. It came into being in 1632. The establishment offers a large range of master's degrees in English.

The Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest technical university in Holland. Established in 1842, it ranks 62 globally. Students of architecture adore this establishment! The statue of Prometheus (Greek mythology) is a prominent attraction at TU Delft.

Leiden University stands at 102 in world rankings. William 1 (Prince of Orange) set it up in 1575. The university links up with over 40 research institutes. It is proudly associated with several global leaders and Nobel Prize winners.

Set up in 1636, Utrecht University comes a close second to Leiden University. It ranks 104 in the world. The institution is proud of its 13 Spinoza Prize laureates. It is equally proud of its 12 Nobel Prize laureates.

The University of Groningen gets 113 th ranking in the world. It came into being in 1614. The establishment takes credit for several 'firsts'. The first President of the European Central Bank, the first Dutch astronaut, etc, graduated from here.

The Eindhoven University of Technology ranks 121 in the global rankings. The architecture, technical and engineering disciplines are the highlights of this institution. It publishes close to 3,000 scientific articles each year. It also yields 40 patents and 150 PhD awards each year.
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