Without proper Preparation, you cannot succesfully clear any exam. It can be done on your own as well, where you will understand the TOEFL Exam pattern thoroughly and then prepare accordingly. There are several TOEFL Preparation books available online and offline on ETS, as well as on the Magoosh TOEFL kit. There are some tips, and materials we can guide you through, to help you with your TOEFL preparation.

TOEFL Preparation Tips for Writing Section

  • Read the given chapters from an English textbook, and try to answer the questions given at the end of the chapter.
  • You need to read academic letters and academic topics. Write plenty of notes and list out major points and important details.
  • Write a summary of topics essentially paraphrasing the original text using different words and grammatical structures. Gradually develop a habit of paraphrasing faster.
  • Collect recorded lectures or talks on academic topics. Listen to them for few seconds and practice writing a summary of what you heard. After writing, re-listen to the recording to check your summary.
  • Read different articles written on the same topic. Write separate summaries for each of them and a summary to explain the similarities and differences between the texts.
  • The editorial section of the newspaper is one of the main sources for the preparation of the Writing section. Read that section, interview a relative or a friend on the same topic, and write a summary comparing the interview and the written section.
  • Read and study essays and articles written by professional writers in detail. Know the opinions made by the writers and how they have presented their main points.

TOEFL Preparation Tips for Listening Section

  • Listening to English frequently and reading a broad variety of academic materials will help to increase vocabulary and also improve your listening skills.
  • Watching movies, television shows, and listening to the radio are also good resources to develop your listening skills.
  • You can also take the help of recorded books, lectures, and presentations which will help you to better your listening abilities. You can find them on the Internet and take advantage of them.
  • Beginners need to listen to the different short and easy topics starting then gradually increase the topics which are lengthy and difficult.
  • You can start with recordings on familiar topics and slowly progress to topics that are unknown to you.
  • If you are new to this process then you should start preparing from the recordings with English subtitles first, then, after some time, move to the recordings without subtitles.

TOEFL Preparation Tips for Reading section

  • You are advised to read anything in the English language as much as possible. It may be Current affairs, health, sports, politics, economics, etc. This will help you to keep your mind continuously engaged with the English language which will help you in your TOEFL exam.
  • Every time you discover a new word during your TOEFL preparation, write it in your notebook to study later. English Newspapers, articles and periodicals are great sources for learning new words and understanding the written language. This will help you build a strong vocabulary for your TOEFL's reading test.
  • Practice with the past test paper of TOEFL to help you prepare better. When you take practice tests, use a timer and set the timings so that you can prepare yourself to complete the task within the time.
  • Skimming is an essential skill for the TOEFL reading test. It means reading a passage quickly and understanding a text by taking out the important details at a glance. Practice doing this with passages frequently.
  • Practice being attentive to the pronouns in a given content. This will help you to know what or whom it is referring to, mainly if there are multiple characters or objects in the content.

TOEFL preparation Tips for Speaking section

  • Pronounce the sounds in English correctly. Learn, understand, and attentive of the different mouth movements in English pronunciation.
  • In the speaking exam, you are given a limited time to speak. Learning some phrases that can be used frequently will help you with fluency.
  • Find a partner to study with. Talk to them and practice by having a good English conversation with them. If you cannot find a partner, speak to a mirror and improve your speaking skills.
  • The best resource to get a proper understanding of spoken English is a tutor. Find one of the best tutors and start preparing.

The more mistakes you make, the lower your TOEFL score will be. So it is better to make sure that you make no mistakes or as few mistakes as possible. You should practice and solve as many TOEFL test papers as possible. Practicing a lot with the practice papers and question papers can help you towards achieving a good TOEFL Score.