Engineering is the study of a branch of technology and science involving with the invention, design, building, and use of machines, engines and scientific principles. Definitely, Engineers are the key drivers of technological and social changes across the globe. Engineering is a growing field with great career prospects internationally. Of course, studying in other nations is a major decision. There are a lot of advantages and benefits which attracts the students to study overseas like scholarships, quality education etc but the most important thing one lure is the certainty of opportunities. These may pertain to employment or research opportunities in the engineering field.

To study engineering, you have first take decisions about what to and where to pursue your study abroad. Study engineering programs in the international environment provide students with the opportunity to pursue their degree while learning about technology, theories and techniques and that foreign countries use. There are many different programs and potential benefits regarding study engineering abroad, many of which could grow your career possibilities and fill a student’s life with unique experiences

This article will help you know about the types of engineering you can pursue and also which are the best countries and universities where you study your engineering. We are here to guide you to make your career bright enough in engineering.

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Courses in Engineering

Engineering courses are available at all levels i.e diploma level, undergraduate level, postgraduate level and doctoral level. Besides, mechanical engineering, students may be able to find many other programs in engineering overseas. There are various types of engineering, the main ones are mentioned below:

  1. Biomedical engineering

  2. Computer Hardware engineering

  3. Civil engineering

  4. Electronics engineering

  5. Mechanical engineering

  6. Chemical engineering

  7. Mining and Geological engineering

  8. Nuclear and Petroleum engineering

  9. Environmental engineering

Potential Advantages to Studying Abroad

There are many important reasons to participate in a study abroad engineering. The experience itself creates memories and experiences that are likely to stay with your entire life. There is also the chance to see the advancements in techniques and theories that other countries have developed while studying. While doing an internship in other countries, you may be able to learn at the feet of professionals who are considered experts of their branch in engineering. It boosts their confidence in the student to study and work with experts in their field, which will help them to overcome the fear of working with great professionals. Engineering abroad jobs is one of the best opportunities one can ever have.

Best Countries to Study Engineering

Many graduates and professionals believe that the best country is Germany, for pursuing engineering abroad even though there are a number of best courses in engineering available in other countries as well. Best places to study abroad for engineers are as follows :

  1. United States (US)

  2. United Kingdom (UK)

  3. Singapore

  4. Germany

  5. Poland

  6. Switzerland

  7. Latvia

  8. France

  9. Netherland

  10. Italy

  11. Australia

  12. Hungary

Top Universities for Engineering

There is a number of best engineering colleges and universities abroad. Some of them are mentioned below :

  1. EPITA - France

  2. ISEP- France

  3.  IMT Atlantique- France

  4. Leonard De Vinci- France

  5. Sup Bio-Tech- France

  6. BIC- Germany

  7. BBW University- Germany

  8. University of Debrecen - Hungary

  9. Széchenyi István University - Hungary

  10. The University of Twente - Netherlands

  11. Warsaw University - Poland

  12. Riga Technical University -Latvia

Study Abroad Engineering Scholarships

You are looking to study abroad for engineering but it is not affordable for you. then no worries you can study engineering abroad for free. You can Study abroad engineering with available scholarships. you need to find out the requirement to get a scholarship for engineering for the country you have decided to study in. A study abroad scholarship is a monetary award for students who are serious to study in the international environment. Scholarships can be used for the expenses of their program like course, travel, books, credits and lodging. There are various types of study abroad scholarships to apply based on Merit-based, Destination-specific, Program-specific etc.