Admission Requirements:

Higher education in France is quite different from other nations of the world. In France, students keen on higher education need to browse two unique sorts of educational organizations that are Universities and Competitive Institutes (Grandes Ecoles).
For Competitive Institutes

To enter in French competitive institutes, students are required to have baccalaureat or equal recognition.

Students are ranked on the premise of results got from extremely competitive entrance tests. These examinations are led toward the finish of a two-year planning program known as CGPE.

For Universities

For Bachelor Program

Students trying to study undergraduate degrees at colleges and organizations of technology in France must hold a French baccalauréat or equivalent and have passed the college selection test in their nation of origin. Likewise, on the off chance that you are applying for a study program at a foundation of technology in France, you ought to be prepared to attempt a personal interview.

For Master Program:

In the event that you are applying for a master's program at the college in France, you are required to be in control of an important bachelor's or equal degree diploma.


The academic year in France usually begins in September or October.

Documents Required:
  • Admission letter from French University/university
  • Final Admission letter – unconditional
  • Application fees.
  • Confirmation of Accommodation in France
  • Confirmation of Financial Resources
  • Abroad Medical Insurance
  • Academic Degree Certificate
  • Resume
  • Valid Passport
How to apply

The flawless and advanced France draws in around 300,000 worldwide students from both EU and non-EU nations every year. A feasible explanation behind France's popularity is that colleges have brought down educational cost charges contrasted with other European nations. On the off chance that you dream for studying in France yourself, you are likely curious to know more about the application procedure inside a French college.

Tips for applying

In a few colleges, you have the online application alternative.

Standardized tests, for example, the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT are required for admission to the greater part of the undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

A smart thought would be for you to apply to no less than three different organizations with a specific end goal to expand your chances.

Check in the event that you require a study visa. In the event that you are originating from a non-EU, non-EEA nation, you should apply for a visa after being admitted to a college.

See scholarship opportunities in France.

Steps to the application procedure

The application methodology is really unique relying upon the nation you originate from.

Initial, an application to the university that you wish to go to ought to be finished. Since you are not in the nation it is truly hard to accomplish an application from the university; be that as it may, you can locate the fitting application on the site of the university that you wish to go to. You should download and print this application and mail it back in with the documentation required to be considered for admission into the university.

Transcripts must be given from all foundations that you have gone to before. This incorporates both secondary school transcripts and those from any universities that you may have gone to previously.

Global students wishing to go to a college in France should likewise give a duplicate of their passport and in addition a passport size photograph to the university in which they are applying for admission into. In the event that the university that you are going to is for a term of longer than three months, you will likewise need to apply confirmation that you have a Visa notwithstanding the passport.

A few university require essays be written. In the event that this is a part of the application procedure, guarantee that you compose the essay to the best of your capacity as it is a basic part of your acknowledgment or refusal into the university. You are required to finish the essay on a different subject, in spite of the fact that you ought to dependably do research. State certainties in your paper and demonstrate that you can compose well thoroughly considered data. This will help well in out when you need to get into a university.

You will likewise be required to submit confirmation of English capability. This can be acquired through a TOEFL test. This test can be finished on the web, on the PC or through a printed exam sent by means of postal mail. You ought to finish this test well ahead of time of applying for university. The aftereffects of this exam ought to be submitted alongside your application. Do remember that there is a cost to take this exam.
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