Switzerland's Educational System

The Swiss education system is an impression of its government framework. Confederation, cantons, and collectives (municipalities) share duty regarding different parts of the framework. This educational framework can be isolated into four levels. Higher education is a part of the tertiary level of the education framework.

Education System in Switzerland

At the tertiary level there are two sorts of higher education organizations:
  • The traditional colleges, including cantonal colleges and government organizations of technology Here, education is focused on essential research. These sorts of higher education establishments are controlled by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA).
  • The colleges of applied sciences Here, training depends on applied research. They are directed by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF).

Degrees: Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies:

Switzerland is home to superb academic establishments that give the most elevated quality education, as well as cutting-edge research. Students from everywhere throughout the world pick a Bachelor in Switzerland program for the quality of education, the low educational cost charges, various fields of study, and availability of workforce. Beside this, Switzerland has much to offer Students outside of the classroom, including lovely scenes, dynamic urban communities, and travel openings all through Europe.

The Swiss higher education landscape involves academic studies at the ten Cantonal Universities and the two Federal Institutes of Technology. What's more, there are seven public and two private Universities of Applied Sciences that take an all the more professionally-situated focus.

Bachelor Programs
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
  • Bachelor in International Hotel & Events Management
  • Bachelor in Culinary Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Finance
Postgraduate Studies

Education in Switzerland is exceptionally diverse. There are several alternatives for a Master in Switzerland at colleges including schools for applied sciences and additionally business and administration. A part of the common areas of study for a Master in Switzerland incorporates international affairs, economics, engineering, software engineering, science, finance, and global business. Students can browse full-time, part-time and online studies to meet their individual needs while seeking after a Master in Switzerland.

Master Programs
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Master of Arts in International Relations
  • Master of Arts in Hotel Business Management
  • MBA Hospitality Management
  • MBA - Global Banking & Finance
  • MBA - Leisure & Tourism Management
  • MBA – Entrepreneurship

Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Institutes for International Education

UBIS University

The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) is a Swiss Boutique University. UBIS is a part of the Linden Education Group a consortium of little, boutique colleges situated in the United States.

UBIS courses are educated in English. Programs give you the decision of contemplating physically in Geneva, London and Washington D.C. – or to study on the web.

Courses incorporate Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration and International Relations, in addition to a progression of Industry Specific Certificate programs redid to the perpetually evolving commercial center.

UBIS at present enlists Students from 40+ unique nations. These elements empower UBIS to art elite degrees and exceptionally custom fitted open doors for Students before they enter a globalized profession.

IFM University

IFM is an International Business School situated in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

At IFM, they concentrate on Business training and offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees educated in English, French or bilingual. The educational programs gave at IFM is modern, dynamic and based on practice.

Our cutting-edge programs are 100% accredited and have been planned with the contribution of business pioneers and created nearby industry specialists to furnish you with genuine business aptitudes and to give your career an aggressive edge.

BHMS University

BHMS, situated in the heart of Luzern, is a member of the Bénédict Switzerland group of schools, established in 1928 whose mission is to give higher education to grown-ups with a craving to succeed. Bénédict School is one of Switzerland's biggest private educational associations and is teaching every year more than 15,000 full and part time Students.

At Bénédict Zürich grounds, around 8'000 Students for each year consider languages, different ancillary health programs, information technology, security administration, commerce apprenticeships and business administration programs prompting to Swiss Federal capabilities. They offer art, specialized and administration based diplomas, a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Arts degree a MBA degree program.

At BHMS Luzern campus, around 900 Students for every year have the chance to get ready for their future administration roles in the hotel and hospitality industry. BHMS in a collaboration with Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, UK and City University of Seattle, USA, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, a MBA/PGD certificate and a MBA degree.

HTMI University

HTMI Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland prepares students for a management career in the worldwide hospitality industry. The foundation has five habitats centers for excellence they are: The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management, The International Hospitality Research Center, The International Center for Events Management Training, The Center for Career Management and The Center for Culinary Management.

HTMI provides high-quality education, search for incredibleness in everything that occurs inside HTMI, and to give an association that meets the contemporary needs of the international hotel and tourism industry. Their current campus, situated inside two Swiss hotels, is a perceived some portion of the excellent, famous UNESCO Biosphere of the Canton Luzern, Switzerland.

AGSB University

The American Graduate School of Business (AGSB) is a non-benefit, private establishment of higher education offering graduate and undergraduate programs in the study of business. Generally, AGSB has dependably had a solid worldwide description among its students and personnel.

AGSB prepares the International Business Student with the education, the instruments, and the training to be a positive given to the general administration of any business association.

AGSB offers an American Business Education with Swiss Style and Quality.

AGSB will expect to give education and training to capable and responsible business authority.

All of AGSB programs will be intended to develop an understanding of human conduct, social sensibility and a worldwide perspective in business and legislative issues.

Types of courses where Switzerland really exceld

Dual SWISS/U.S. Bachelor in Business Administration

The world is turning out to be more global consistently. The UBIS degree educates a powerful, worldwide business perspective at an exclusive college in Geneva, Switzerland. UBIS selects Students from 40+ nations to fill its private campus every year.

The UBIS Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a three-year program. Students are consequently selected in Dual Degree (Swiss and U.S.) program to graduate with a degree from Europe and one from the United States naturally, with no additional cost.

Students can study full-time or part-time. They are additionally given the possibility of studying on- campus in Geneva, on the internet, or at one of UBIS' numerous campus around the world.

UBIS made the Online Education Center (Virtual Classroom) give Students, working adults and career- oriented experts an intelligent, worldwide group to learn, prepare and development their abilities.

Diploma Hospitality Management

The BHMS Diploma in Hospitality Management program is particularly intended for young adults wishing to enter the worldwide hotels and hospitality field and who try to an administration profession in this industry.

The program offers Students an academic education together with professional center competency training. This conveys significant value and prestige with managers around the world. It can likewise profit individuals hoping to acquire the vital specific education when considering opening their own business.

Students find out about food services and production close by a variety of academic controls, including international languages. All through the program, Swiss virtues, for example, discipline, punctuality, morals and hygiene are supported as they are profoundly esteemed all through the world and consider much as educational and viable aptitudes in guaranteeing a successful profession.

BBA in International Business

The worldwide business condition is changing and another market the reality is rising. Most organizations are specifically or indirectly influenced by global political and financial occasions. This degree gives you a profound comprehension of the major key difficulties in worldwide business.

Created by experts and industry specialists, the program permits Students to comprehend the complexity and the impact of the global condition in which organizations advance. This dynamic program mixes hypothetical and practical learning and gives Students great information in administration, financial aspects, business procedure, and negotiation.

This specialization in International Business gives you information in worldwide exchange and gives you aptitudes to perform in a universal domain. You will build up the capacity to perceive and analyze the risks and opportunities intrinsic to working together abroad. This comprehensive degree program has been intended to give you a strong establishment for your future profession in business at a global level.

Other popular courses in Switzerland

MBA in International Trading

Geneva is one of the main urban communities on the planet for commodity exchanging and exchange fund. Trading Companies in Geneva exchange the larger part of oil, sugar, espresso, wheat, rice, metals, minerals or items around the world. This centralization of exchanging organizations depends on the foundation of banks, protection, law offices, guardians, charterers, ship owners and inspection services. This dynamic area is continually moving because of geopolitical, monetary or atmosphere elements.

Designed with industry specialists, this MBA sets you up for the difficulties and risk management inherent in the exchanging part. The program gives you the chance to learn abnormal state administration aptitudes and furnishes you with the information of the items market and trade administration to see how the business capacities. You will be set up to end up distinctly an effective broker or a top administrator. A one of a kind mix of a prestigious MBA with a specialization in Commodities Trading.

This MBA program in Trading sets you up for energizing careers in trading organizations, global organizations, import-export, counseling firms, investment banks or worldwide associations.

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

This program joins the worldwide outlook created in an international relations degree close by the commonsense aptitudes procured in a business degree. The business working environment is turning out to be progressively globalized and immersed with a steady flood of data, this major gives the strong learning of current undertakings important to break down and successfully impart information to others. This major is viewed as incredible training for careers in government and the discretionary administration, and in addition worldwide associations, non-legislative associations and law offices, among others.

The BA in International Relations is a six-semester program that trains and encourages Students to perceive, analyze and assess the part of real players, structures and procedures in business and governmental issues. It will likewise help Students to see a portion of the strengths influencing lives in a quickly globalizing, related world.

Learning how to analyze data accumulated from solid sources is vital to the specialization. Students will likewise figure out how to viably impart bits of knowledge and examination to others.

The major is viewed as astounding preparing for professions in government and the discretionary administration, and worldwide associations, non-legislative associations, and law. It additionally gives a decent establishment to understanding current issues and can help get ready Students for some different professions.

Switzerland's Grading System

The grading system exists in the duty of the individual higher education organization. Deviations from the tables recorded below are in this manner possible. In Switzerland, ordinarily a 6-point grading scale, where 6 expresses to the most elevated grade and 1 the least conceivable one.
Sale  Descroption   US Code 
6 Outstanding A
 5.50-5.90  Very good A+
5.00-5.49 Good B
4.50-4.99 Satisfactory B+
4.00-4.49 safficient C
0.00-3.99 poor F

Grading point in the area of 5.5 and 6 are extremely uncommon; a normal of a 6 is generally improbable.