COST Of Studying In New Zealand

Cost of studying is an important factor in selecting your destination. The best thing about studying New Zealand is that the expenses involved are completely less than other major destinations. For bachelors tuition fees to be paid is NZ$ 13000- $16000 per year and between NZ$ 13,500- 16000 per year for postgraduate. NZQA is authoritative for approving and registering all courses & national qualifications offered at polytechnics & private training establishment.

New Zealand offers international students the chance to study a number of high quality internationally recognized courses. Students can undertake study at New Zealand universities as at a range of polytechnics, institutes of technology, & private colleges.

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Diploma & Certificates

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is an economical option for international students, providing excellent quality of life. New Zealand's major cities Auckland & Wellington were shown to provide a reasonable cost of living than cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Paris, and London. Cost of accommodation depends upon the type of accommodation & location we choose. There are different types of accommodation such as home stay accommodation, university accommodation, hostels & private rented accommodations.

Health Insurance

Insurance Policy for International students is compulsory. As students have to stay abroad for the long period. While making an insurance policy student has to take care that it covers medical expenses, personal accident, dental treatment, passport loss etc. As Insurance is basically cashless so student doesn't need to pay at the time of hospitalization.

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