Before talking about Accommodation in Canada it is important for international students to be aware about the climatic conditions of the place to be prepared. On an average, a student spends approximately CND$ 10,000-CND$ 12,000 per year. Even if we look at the house prices in Canada they are comparatively very much affordable. The prices differ in Canada according to the areas, like higher in big cities but comparatively lower in rural areas. Students who can afford easily can enjoy living in the mildest weather of Canada in Ontario and Toronto where the house prices are higher. On the other hand the prices are reasonably low in Manitoba & Prince Edward Island where international students can afford the accommodation easily.

Health Insurance

Insurance Policy for International students is mandatory in Canada. As students have to stay abroad for the long period. While making an insurance policy student has to take care that it covers medical expenses, personal accident, dental treatment, passport loss etc. As Insurance is basically cashless so student doesn't need to pay at the time of hospitalization.

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