Education System in USA

USA has the most flexible education system; students can study in their area of specialization. As the education system is not centralized each institute can determine its program & admission standards.

Education System in USA

Types of Institution

Community Colleges :

Impart higher education and lower level degree education, certificates & diplomas & associates degree.

Public Universities :

All levels of degree with different fields of study are offered. Public colleges are easy for students to pay. There are many notable Public universities.

Private Universities :

Private Institutions run without the control of Government entity. Tuition fees of these institutions is higher but the beneficiary part is that tuition fees is same for both International & domestic students.

Technical institutes :

This institute emphasizes concentrating on engineering & science they are known for their research & graduate programs. Undergraduates that are admitted to this university should have incredibly strong backgrounds in math & sciences.

Types of Degrees

Bachelors Degree :

The duration of Bachelors course is 4years.Students who have completed a part of their undergraduate degree & want to go to USA, can apply as a transfer program. IELTS exam is required in USA.

Masters Degree :

The duration of master's degree is of one to two year it depends on University & your area of specialisation.GRE, GMAT exams are required for management, arts, and science programs.
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