Top Reasons Why Canada is the Best Study Abroad Destination in 2021

  • 2021-06-18
Canada has always been one of the popular choices for international students who want to get quality higher education. The international student population in Canada has tripled in the past decade. This isn’t a surprise at all that Canada wins the title of “most attractive study destination,”

Top Reasons Why Canada is the Best Study Abroad Destination in 2021

The Years 2020 and 2021 are the most undesired years for international students because of COVID Pandemic. Many students had dropped their plans and many of them changed their study abroad destination. Even in this disturbing atmosphere, Canada has been one of the top destinations for international students. 

A recent study by the World Education Services showed that people all around the world have become more interested in travelling to Canada despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you want to know the reasons? Let us tell you in detail in this article. 

Why Canada is so attractive to international students 

According to Navitas Agent Perception Research, around  63% of agents rated Canada as “very attractive,” ahead of the UK which is at 51% and Australia at 49% respectively. A good number of agents strongly agree with Canada’s reputation as a “safe and stable” and “open and welcoming” country. Here are the Top Reasons Why Canada is the Best Study Abroad Destination in 2021
  • Strong quality of education
The finding from the research of the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) presents that international students choose Canada due to the strong quality of education. Canada has a reputation as a multicultural and tolerant society which also attracts students from all over the world. You will find more details here: Education System In Canada
  • Living Expenses in Canada are lower
Another main reason for choosing Canada is that the cost of studying is lower than other top destinations such as the U.S, Australia, and the United Kingdom. International students indeed pay higher tuition than Canadian students, but their overall expenses in Canada are lower than in other leading countries of study abroad.  The main reason for this is the value of the Canadian dollar. It is weaker than the U.S. dollar, Euro and British pound.
  • Canadian international borders are open with full safety
Canadian immigration has been disturbed due to the pandemic. Service disruptions and travel restrictions made it difficult for international students to travel to Canada. Now as the world is getting vaccinated and taking more care than before, Canada has opened its international borders. At present, international students are allowed to travel to Canada if they are going to a DLI (Designated Learning Institution)that has obtained the approval of the COVID-19 readiness plan. So this is one of the main reasons to study in Canada in 2021.
  • Most lucrative salary packages
Canadian companies offer international students the most competitive packages. As the Canadian government allows international students to work while they study and also to obtain a post-graduation work permit after their studies, these competitive packages can be availed.  Canada also offers more than 80 economic class immigration streams to international students to choose from. This must be included in the reasons while choosing Canada as a study abroad destination.
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada
As per recent updates, International students who complete their entire study program online will also be eligible for an open work permit after graduation in Canada. The country is making genuine efforts to help international student graduates obtain the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) during the pandemic. Before, remote studies were not counted towards a PGWP application, but that has all changed. But now PGWP allows international student graduates who studied at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI)  to work for any employer anywhere in Canada for up to three years.
  • Permanent residents of Canada 
In recent years, many international students after completing their studies have settled permanently in Canada. As the process of becoming a Permanent resident is not so complicated, young international people choose Canada. This is one of the main reasons to study in Canada.

Around 60 per cent of international students have also reported to CBIE that they are interested in becoming permanent residents of Canada after their studies. You can choose to study in Canada and later on after completion of the studies and work years, you can settle down in Canada.

With all these reasons, it is not a wonder that Canada is the most popular study destination for international students in 2021. And now with the people getting COVID-19 vaccination, the country’s effective control on the coronavirus may even be the big deal-maker that maintains Canada solidly in the lead. 

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