The Czech Republic is an interesting and welcoming country. Each year the universities in Czech republic hosts increasing numbers of international students. This proves that there is something unique about this country. After researching here we have narrowed down the main reasons for it.

Why study in Czech Republic

Why study in Czech republic

If you are looking for a unique European study abroad experience, Czech republic should be your destination. Here are the reasons to study in Czech republic for Indian students and other international students

High-quality educational system

Czech Republic has High-quality educational system. Czech universities emphasize quality, variability, accessibility, and materiality in their education. From the academic institutions of Czech students are sure to get internationally recognized qualifications. You will be surprised to know that Czech education and research have a long history dating back to the 14th century. 

Diverse study programmes

Czech universities offer a wide range of courses in each subject. It offers well-established and traditional specializations students can choose from. You will find courses at all the 3 levels of higher education, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate/PhD. This is one of the reasons why study abroad in Czech republic

World-class universities in Czech republic

Czech Republic has some of the world's best universities. As per world university banking 2021, there are 10 universities in Czech Republic ranked as the top universities in the world. Here we have mentioned Czech republic universities ranking.
  1. Charles University ranked at 260th
  2. University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague ranked at 342nd
  3. Czech Technical University in Prague ranked at 432nd
  4. Masaryk University ranked at 531-540th
  5. Palacký University Olomouc ranked at 591-600th
  6. The Brno University of Technology ranked at 651-700th
  7. Mendel University in Brno ranked at 701-750th
  8. The Technical University of Liberec ranked at 751-800th
  9. Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague ranked at 801-1000th
  10. The University of Pardubice ranked at 801-1000th

Enjoy low tuition fees in the Czech Republic

The tuition fee at the Czech universities is affordable for international students as well. If you have of the Czech language skills, you can also get the opportunity to study for free in public universities. It is because degrees taught in Czech don’t require any tuition fee in many universities.

For English-taught degrees, the nominal average tuition fee in public universities ranges from 0 to 20,110 EUR/year, depending on the university and specialisation. It is not that high right? Hence you will get a high-quality education at an affordable price in Czech republic.

Simple admission procedure at the university in Czech Republic

The process of admission to the Czech universities is quite easy and straightforward. You will need to just submit the filled application form along with all the documentation as specified in the course. There is no long process of giving entrance exams or personal interviews. Make proper documentation as required and you will get the admission. 


As per the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is counted among the top 10 safest nations. Travelling, exploring and living in safety for all age groups regardless of gender, religion or nationality. The country has impressive criminal justice systems, and the governments maintain good relations with their citizens. 

Low cost of living

Living in the Czech Republic is more affordable than many other European countries. Everyday expenses ranging from food and accommodation to travelling and personal spending, are generally cheaper than elsewhere in Western Europe. Additionally, being a student, you will enjoy various benefits and discounts all over the country. Hence study in Czech republic cost is affordable.

Study in English in Czech Republic

Czech higher education institutions offer several study programmes and courses taught in the English language. You will find English courses in almost all the disciplines including degrees in economics, business, humanities, medicine, engineering, computing, and much more. So you don’t need to be fluent in Czech to study in the Czech Republic.

Study in Czech Republic without IELTS

Yes, you read it right. You can get admission in the Czech universities without submitting IELTS scores. If your previous education was in English medium you will get the chance to study even without IELTS. You can also take or appear CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for getting admission easily in the universities.

Study and work in Czech republic

International Students are allowed to work part-time while they are studying at the university for higher education in Czech Republic. Starting from the first year of study, foreign students have the right to work maximum for 20 hours per week. Students are also allowed to work full time during the summer holidays.

Trilling Student Life in Czech Republic

The International student groups are in plenty in Czech republic.  Cultural diversity prevails all over the country. The locals in the country have a welcoming attitude towards the foreigners coming to their country. The Czech Republic has always stood up in its historical significance in Europe, and the heritage sites are its evidence. You will get an amazing experience while studying in Czech republic.

Stay back option in Czech Republic

If you successfully complete your study degree in Czech Republic with a long term residence permit, you will get the opportunity to stay back in the country. You need to apply for long-term residence for 9 months and look for a job or start your own business in the Czech Republic.  After 5 years of continuous residence, an international citizen can also apply for  PR in Czech republic.

Excellent career opportunities for students and graduates

The demand for international employees in Czech republic is growing with the passing years. The Country has lots of job opportunities for students and graduates. Some institution conduct job fairs, lectures, or round tables, and some universities even run their own career portals to bridge the connection of students directly with the recruiters. It is guaranteed to find a good job and build an excellent career in Czech republic.

The reasons for studying in Czech republic is lucrative right? Apply for the admission and join the other international students in this fascinating country. This will be a life tie a memorable experience.