Choose a University

There are three types of universities available in Germany.



This university provides research based education. These group of universities are main figures of German Science.

Applied Science Universities

German Universities of Applied Sciences are professional oriented Institutions and they focus on Engineering,

Fine Arts,Film and music Academy

This type of universities gives education on certain areas. The most superior fine art education is studied in Germany.

Choose the most suitable university according to your requirements and your future career goals.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to a university, check out your current qualification recognized by your choosen university. For study in Germany you need higher education entrance qualification.

For prospective undergraduate students, a high school diploma, school leaving certificate is sufficient. You should also check language requirements.

If your course is in English language you need to prove your knowledge of language with a test as IELTS or TOEFL.

How to Apply

There are many ways to apply in German Universities. For most subjects you can apply directly to the office of the university. The procedure depends on for which subject you are applying and in which university you want for your study. From which country you belong it is also important while applying for admission.

You can apply twice a year in German universities. You can apply in winter semester or in summer semester. It is advisable to submit application six weeks ago the deadline,so that you can get time for any correction if needed.

The documents which you need to submits
  • A certified copy of your previous degree
  • A passport size photograph
  • A copy of passport with visa or residence permit
  • A translated overview of your course
  • Proof of language proficiency

As an student, you have the opportunity to pick up your first involvement in expert life. You're given little ventures and are administered by a worker at the organization. Opening are posted on entry level position trades on the web or can be found at universal student associations.

As an student, it can give you an impression of what expert life resembles. Not exclusively would you be able to pick up work involvement lastly apply the hypothetical learning you've picked up during your studies, yet you likewise have the opportunity to get comfortable with the organization structure and make proficient contacts. You can finish an entry level position at an organization or an association. It can last between half a month and a while. Most entry level positions are not generously compensated, if by any stretch of the imagination.

Get your Finance in order

It is necessary to show proof that you have or have access to, around €7908 per year or €659 per month to cover your living costs to get student visa. Your living costs depends on the location.

There is also a facility available of scholarship to support student in Germany at various study levels.

There are various approaches to prove that you can fund your studies. The accompanying types of confirmation are conceivable
  • Your parents can submit documents confirming their wage and budgetary resources.
  • Somebody with permanent living arrangement in Germany can ensure the Alien Registration Office to cover your costs.
  • A security installment can be kept into a blocked record.
  • You can present a bank ensure.
  • You can display a scholarship award from a perceived grant supplier.
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