The United Kingdom is one of the leading study abroad destinations for international students. From so many years, UK has been educating foreign students coming from different parts of the world. Choosing to study in UK is one of the best possible opportunity you are giving to yourself. Here we present the reasons for it.

Why Study in UK

Reasons to study in UK

Students who want to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers, UK is the right place for you. Here are the reasons why study in UK

1. Top class universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the universally praised universities of the world.  The universities in UK are consistently performing well in world rankings. 84 of the universities from the UK feature in the QS University Rankings 2021. Here are the top universities of the UK:
  • The University of Oxford, Ranked at 5th
  • The University of Cambridge, Ranked at 7th
  • Imperial College London, Ranked at 8th
  • UCL, Ranked at 10th
  • The University of Edinburgh, Ranked at 20th
  • The University of Manchester ranked at  27th
  • King's College London, ranked at =31st
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), ranked at 49th
  • The University of Bristol ranked at 58th
  • The University of Warwick ranked at 62nd 

2. Courses to Study

There are several study programs open for international students coming from any of academic backgrounds. There is a wide range of courses to study from humanities to engineering and computer science to social studies. You can choose your study course from the 50,000 options, in more than 25 subject areas. Here are the most choosen courses to study in UK for international students:
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Science and Medical Degrees
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences 

3. Top Education

As for the quality of education, the degrees obtained from the UK universities are valued all around the world.  Along with the theoretical aspect, the 
universities also offer splendid research facilities to international students. 
This is the significant reasons for Why study in UK universities.
One of the biggest benefits for foreign students in the UK is the duration of the courses offered. The courses in the UK are usually shorter than the rest of the world. Many of the Master’s degrees in UK take only a year to complete that means you will graduate faster than the rest. 

4. Quality Education at a low cost

As you already know, the courses in the UK are shorter than others. Shorter courses mean a degree can be obtained with less tuition fees and lesser living expenses for a year than other study abroad destinations. Therefore, on average, the overall cost will be less than countries like Australia and the USA. 

5. Employment opportunities

Employment opportunity rate for graduates is high compared to other countries. Working in the UK after studies would give you a unique international work experience. This would boost your C.V and you will get prepared to work in any part of the world. This is one of the main reasons for Why study abroad in the UK

6. Work and Study in the UK

Unlike many countries, the UK does not restrict international students to work during their studies. The government of the UK gives the right work to international students during their studies.  This means you can earn while you are studying and cover some part of your living expenses. Isn’t that great? However, you should note that the working hours are limited to 20 hours per week during the semesters, and full time during the vacations.

7. Enhance your English

When you study in the UK, you get an opportunity to enhance your English language abilities. In the UK people speaks English in their daily conversations. By staying for 2-3 years you will become an expert in English language by communicating with them every day. English language skills are appreciated all over the world and employers look for candidates who are fluent enough in English to handle their work. 

8. Student life in UK

Universities in UK promote and encourage the wholesome development of students’ personalities. For the students who are interested in extracurricular activities along with the academic, UK will prove to be the best destination. The courses have a perfect mixture of the activities and vocational skills along with academics. This will help the overall growth of the students. Be its sports clubs and gyms or the drama societies, there is something for everyone.
The student life in UK is hugely inspiring and enjoyable. You can explore a rich ancient backdrop, dynamic diversity and strong architecture at the same time. There are lots of historic landmarks, parks, castles palaces, museums and many more attractive places. You can visit those in your leisure time and relax after a hectic week at the university.

9. Multicultural environment

With the growing number of international students in UK, you get the opportunity to share a multicultural environment. You can explore the diversity, share your backgrounds and have rich learning. The diverse background and culture help you gain knowledge in so many perspectives and makes you quick to adapt to a completely new environment.

10. General Safety in UK

The UK is counted among the safest countries for international students. The low crime rates prove this. You can feel the presence of the police authority wherever you go. The security help desks of the universities are there in the schools, colleges and universities, too. You will be safe in a new country.