Students Rely on Education Agents for Assistance with Study Abroad Decisions

13 December, 2021



The students’ study abroad process has taken a different angle this year as most of the students have depended upon the education agents. These International education agents represent overseas universities in their home country to help local students to study abroad. More than 1 in 5 international students responding to this year’s QS International Student Survey have taken the services of the agent.
students rely on education agents

Education agents for assistance with study abroad decisions

Agents have played a major role in student recruitment for years, often being the first point of in-country contact for many prospective students around the world.  Students seek the recommendations and assistance of the education agents to help with the updates on deadlines, fees and processes, and other crucial factors that are important while deciding between studying abroad. 
According to the QS’s International student survey, there has been an unexpected increase in the number of students opting for the service with the agent.  Earlier, the proportion used to be around 14 percent of the total international students, however in 2020, the figures have jumped to around half of the total population of international students taking the service of agents to apply for Universities abroad.

International education Agent usage increasing

There has been a big increase in the number of students saying they are working with agents. In 2014, only 14% of potential international students responding to that year’s QS International Student Survey said they had taken the services of the agent but in 2020, this proportion increased to 22%.

As we mentioned before, agents generally account for approximately half of international student referrals for top study destinations. Taking that as a beginning, some experts have pointed out that agents are expected to play an even greater role in recruitment for most study abroad destinations going forward, and especially during the COVID recovery.

Benefits of taking services of international education agent

International students can get plenty of benefits from educational agents that are vital when going to pursue higher education abroad. It would be difficult for students and their families to try and achieve these on their own. A good education agent can:
  • Give accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information about the destination country, universities, locations.
  • Provide information about academic and English entry requirements, tuition fees, visa documents, living costs, etc.
  • Guide you with the relevant English test you need to take to be eligible for a course abroad.
  • Provide you a  wide spectrum of options for courses, locations, fees, living costs & other advantages and disadvantages so that you can make a wise decision.
  • Help you choose the course that best suits your interest, skills, and career goals.
  • Guide you for writings statements of purpose, research proposals, and preparing for admission interviews.
  • Inform you about the available scholarship and help you with its requirements and application.
  • Make error-free admission applications at your preferred university.
  • Follow up with the university for updates and decisions on your application.
  • Guide you on paying the university’s tuition fees.
  • Help you through the student visa application process.
  • Guide for the visa interview as applicable & appropriate for your situation.
  • Provide your pre-departure briefing so that you have a clear idea about what to do after you arrive in the destination country.
  • Help you to get in touch with other students who went to the same country through their services.

How to choose a Good Education Agent?

The education agents industry is growing rapidly as more and more students, families, and universities are becoming dependent on them due to their importance in the sector. When pursuing your dream of studying abroad with the help of an agent, you should be very careful with choosing the agent. When selecting an education agent, check the following:
  • How long have they been working as international education agents?
  • How much experience do they have for your chosen study abroad country?
  • Do they have a rich portfolio of universities and colleges with a wide range of courses to give you enough choices?
  • Do they have an agency agreement with the universities of your choice?
  • Have the consultant or counselor visited the country you intend to study?
  • Do they have detailed knowledge of the higher education system of the country they help students for higher study?
  • Have they attended to your requirements with attention, eagerness, and interest?
  • If your study abroad budget is low, have they explained to you why and how much funds you will require for your chosen course?
  • Are they able to tell you clearly the entry requirements, course duration, fees, intakes, available scholarship & admission criteria for your chosen university?
  • Have they told you how much time it will take to complete the whole process?
  • Have they provided you with the proper list of documents that you will require for admission and visa application?
  • How responsive are they with your queries and how much clarity is there in their responses?
  • If they have a properly staffed office at a good place that is reasonably visible and accessible?
  • Do they have a website including clear information of the services, partner institutions?
  • Do they reply to you through the company’s official emails to your emails & queries?
  • What type of reviews does the agent receive from students who have taken their services in the past?
  • Check the quality of their social media presence and the type of services and offers in their campaigns?
A good education agent can make your whole process of studying abroad from beginning to end very pleasing and satisfactory with pre & post-admission services. It would be rewarding if you could select a good one from the plenty around you.

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