Study in the Netherlands for Indian Students

31 August, 2020



For international students all around the world, the Netherlands has been one of the best destinations not only among the European countries but across the world. The same is the case with Indian students. The Netherlands is home to one of the best universities in the world with quality education and excellent research facilities. It offers Indian students a number of opportunities both academically and for their careers. Here, we have tried to offer you all the information you need to know if you are an Indian student who wants to study in the Netherlands:

Study in the Netherlands for Indian Students

Top Universities in the Netherlands for MS:

Master of Science, MS, or MSc is one of the most preferred programs among the Indian students going abroad. There are plenty of options for Indian students at universities in the Netherlands. Thirteen Universities in the Netherlands have made their place in the Top University Rankings 2021 by the QS. They are some of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Europe. TU Delft and The University of Amsterdam are the favourites to Study in the Netherlands for Indian Students.

Not only that, but you can also pursue your MS or any other course for that matter in English. Dutch universities let you study in the Netherlands in English for a number of courses available. Especially the MS courses that are globally accepted, are taught in English throughout.

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The number of Indian Students in the Netherlands:

Every year, the number of Indian students flying to study in the Netherlands goes up. A big reason behind that is the affordability and English Taught courses offered by the Universities in the Netherlands. In 2017, more than 2000 Indian students were studying in the Netherlands for higher education. Compared to the number of Indian students in the Netherlands in 2015-16, that number has almost doubled in a very short period.

Netherlands Student Visa for Indians:

If you are an Indian student, there will be two requirements as far as the visa is concerned. MVV and VVR. The MVV is the permit to enter the country for Indian students in the Netherlands and VVR can be compared to a resident permit. The Visa process to Study in the Netherlands for Indian students is no different from the process for the students from other countries.

The resident permit is normally issued for one year for Indian students. After that, you can extend the resident permit depending on the length of your course. Along with the student visa, Indian students are also provided with a work permit in the Netherlands. An Indian student with a valid student visa can work part-time for 20 hours a week along with their studies.

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For Indian Students who graduate from the Universities in the Netherlands, there is also a provision of the Stay Back Visa. The duration of the stay back visa in the Netherlands depends on the length and the level of your education at the Dutch University. During this period, you can search for a job in the Netherlands.

Cost of Studying in the Netherlands for Indian Students:

As we have mentioned, the Netherlands offers a number of English Taught courses to Indian students. Considering that, the courses are highly affordable compared to the English speaking countries like the USA and Australia. In fact, the Netherlands is one of the most affordable places to study in Europe, too. Affordability is one of the important factors for Indian students in general, and the Netherlands suits perfectly for both tuition and living expenses.

Though tuition fees depend on the courses and the university of your choice, there are some general rules you need to know. Public universities are way cheaper than private universities but the competition is fierce in public universities to get an admission. A course like EMBA and MBA in the Netherlands cost much higher than other courses. There is also a number of scholarships available for Indian students to study in the Netherlands, which you should check before applying.

The living costs in the Netherlands range from 800 to 1100 euros a month. For cities like Amsterdam, the cost would be closer to the upper limit and it will go down as you move away from bigger cities to suburban areas. Here is all you need to know: Living in the Netherlands

Life in the Netherlands for Indian Students

The Netherlands has always been a liberal country that welcomes everyone with open arms without any discrimination. Amsterdam is one of the most diverse places in Europe where you will find people from different cultures and ethnicities living together. This proves to be such an experience for students as they learn and experience new things about cultures and share something of their own.

The transition will also be easier for Indian students as more than 90 percent of the Dutch population understands and speaks English. The Netherlands has one of the highest percent of the English speaking population in the world. The country is also ranked at number five in the world happiness index above countries like France, Germany, and Norway. 

Last but not the least, if you are an Indian student who wants to make the most of your study abroad experience in the Netherlands, you will love exploring the country. In your spring and semester breaks, you can just pull out your bicycle like locals to explore the cities filled with canals, or road trips to beautiful landscapes of the country.