Why Indian Students Prefer MBA Abroad?

02 November, 2017



Nowadays, Indian Students Prefer more to do MBA from Abroad rather than in India. As per the recent Survey 81% of Indian Students Preferred to do MBA from Abroad. Due to the Quality of Education in India, Students are more attracted to Study Abroad.90% of Indian MBA Graduates are not Employable at all. Indian MBA Institutions are teaching Outdated Curriculum which has very less regard to the demand of Industry. Even the Indian Students do not have a good exposure with Industry because of which they lack with the Experience. MBA in India is very Expensive, Except the Government Institutions, for other Institutions MBA is very costly.

Following are entire list of reasons Why Indians want Foreign MBA Degree.

Reputation of Educational System:-
The Main Reason to Attract Indian students towards Foreign MBA is the High Reputation of its Educational System. The Curriculum of Foreign Institutions is designed in order to meet the demand, Requirements and Standards of Industry. The Educational System of Abroad is very Reputed due to its high Educational Standard. Foreign MBA Provides both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge.

Improved Chances of having an International Career: -
After completing their MBA in Abroad, Indian Students get a Strong Pathway for their Career. By     Doing MBA from Abroad Indian Students get chance to make their International Identity. MBA Degree from Abroad gives Indian Students an International Platform to build their Career.

Potential to develop International Network:-
MBA from Foreign Countries helps an Indian Students in making his Networks Strong Internationally. Indian Students Skills and Knowledge gets Enhanced and he get to know everything regarding the International Affairs which makes him known to the International Markets.

Better Preparation of Career:-
While studying MBA in abroad Countries, Abroad Institutions train the Students in such a way that Indian Students Career gets well established in Future and for that Foreign Institutions focus on the Student’s Development and due to this Students becomes more Confident and also with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn.

Research Opportunities:-
In India there are no Good Research Opportunities are available, And If We look towards Abroad Countries they are far more ahead in terms of Research and Innovation from India. IF we compare Foreign Countries research than India has very Low or no research done.

So, these all are the Reasons and Causes due to which Indian Students prefer more to do MBA in Abroad Countries.

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