Top Courses to Study in Italy for International Students

26 September, 2020



Home to 36 of the top-ranked universities in the world. Italy is one of Europe’s most sought after study abroad destination. Universities in Italy offer a wide range of courses in English for international students. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable destinations compared to English speaking countries both in terms of tuition fees and living costs. If you want to study in Italy for higher education, here are the top five courses to study in Italy for International Students.

Top Courses to Study in Italy for International Students


Study Design in Italy

Rome and Milan are the fashion capitals of the world. These are a couple of the most vibrant cities on earth when it comes to fashion and design. However, the courses offered in Italian universities are not just about fashion designing. There are courses for Digital Design like CAD, product design, interior design, and many more. If you are a fashion enthusiast, Italy must be on your list. For every other design courses, here are the universities in Italy to check out:

  • Florence Institute of Design

  • Academia De Lusso

  • Milan School of Design


Master of Arts in Italy

The art history of Italy dates back to centuries and the universities in Italy have done tremendously well to keep the fire on. For Fine Arts of Performing Arts, it is one of the best countries and offers a ton of courses to choose from. Whether it is painting, sculpting, digital art, or any other form, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the top schools in Italy to pursue a Master in Arts in Italy:

  • Rome University of Fine Arts

  • Florence Classical Arts Academy

  • IED - Milan


Business & Management

For both business students and working professionals, Italy offers some of the most rewarding MBA, MIM, and MMM courses in Europe. Many of the courses from these universities have been declared the ‘best MBA on a budget in Europe’. SDA Bocconi, by far the most famous business school of the country has made it to the best Global MBA list by Financial Times. Apart from SDA Bocconi, here are top business schools in Italy for International aspirants:

  • Bologna Business School

  • Rome Business School

  • MIP Politecnico di Milano

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Hospitality & Tourism

Another industry that is always in-demand for Italy is Hospitality and Tourism. In Italy, you can learn from the best in business for courses like Hotel Management, Tourism, and Event Management. Most of the courses are related to the management of their respective aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry. Here are some of the best universities in Italy for hospitality and tourism management:

  • University IULM - Milan

  • Guglielmo Marconi University

  • Rome Business School


Social Science & Humanities

The social science and humanities courses in Italy focus on human behavior and its impact on social, economical, environmental, and cultural as well as political context. The bachelors and Master courses include Public Administration, International Cooperation, World Politics & International Relations, and more. Here are some of the best universities in Italy for the study of social sciences:

  • University of Pavia

  • Tor Vergata University of Rome

  • University of Siena

Here, we have just scratched the surface of how versatile and rewarding the higher education system in Italy. As mentioned, there are more than 30 top-ranked universities and hundreds of courses to choose from, for international students. For more information on studying in Italy, read: Study in Italy