Masters in France: A Complete Guide for International Students

08 August, 2020



Postgraduate courses or Masters in France are some of the most sought after courses among international students flying to the country. Since France follows the Bologna Process for higher education, there are three levels of higher education one can apply for: bachelor (undergraduate), masters (postgraduate), and doctoral. As we mentioned, among these three, masters (postgraduate) programs are the ones most applied for. If you are someone who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and looking forward to study in France for Masters, here is all you need to know:

Masters in France

Masters in France

It is important to know that universities in France are some of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities not only in Europe but also across the world. A master’s degree obtained from France will open many doors for the candidate worldwide both academically and careerwise. Engineering and Management graduates from French Universities are highly regarded among international employers. The other courses to look forward to are fashion, architecture, filmmaking, culinary arts, and linguistics.

There are three types of educational institutions where you can pursue Masters in France.

  1. Universities: The traditional universities include both public and private universities where you can study more traditional fields of studies with a theoretical approach. They are different from technical institutions and research universities.

  2. Grande Ecole: These are the prestigious institutions for which many international students choose France for their Masters. They are some of the highest-ranked institutions in the world and leading in their fields of studies ranging from science to management, including engineering.

  3. Ecole Speciale: These are institutions for more specialised studies and are more like academies than universities. They are mostly for streams like arts and music among many others. Here, more than academic achievements, portfolios matter.

How to Apply for Masters in France

The admission process to study masters in France would not be much different from the general process to apply to any university in France. Here are some steps to help you follow the process to apply for Masters in France.

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose a course and university best suitable to your field of study and career choices. The other aspects to keep in mind would be external factors like the location of the university and the tuition fees, or the scholarships available for a particular course and university.

You will also need some set of documents along with university applications for both university and visa applications. Some of them include your photographs, passport, previous degrees and certificates, proof of English language proficiency, and monetary funds to sustain yourself in France, health insurance, etc.

Check the university deadlines and make sure to apply before them. For all the universities, the application process will be online and the requirements of the admission can be found on the university websites.

Top Universities in France for Masters

Home to some of the oldest and highest-ranked universities of Europe, France makes it hard for international students to choose from. Here are the top five universities in France for Masters, according to QS World Rankings 2021:

  1. Universite PSL (52nd in the World)

  2. Ecole Polytechnique (61st)

  3. Sorbonne University (83rd)

  4. CentraleSupelec (138th)

  5. Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (161st)

To know more about these universities and other top universities in France, read: Top Universities in France to Study Abroad in 2021

Masters degree in France taught in English

For many, an unknown language is a hurdle to studying abroad. However, with France, that is taken care of. You can Study in France in English for more than 1400 courses. Moreover, 75% of all the fully English Taught courses are Master’s level courses. Depending on your level of French, there are courses for Masters in France also available partially in French and partially in English. Most of the internationally relevant courses in science, engineering, and management can be found in English.

Masters in France for Indian Students

As we have mentioned, there are several English taught courses available for masters in France, making it easier for the students coming from India to learn and understand the courses better. In recent years, France has actively welcomed more and more Indian students to French Universities and the number is ever-growing. Many Indian students prefer to learn their Masters in Engineering, Masters in Management, or an MBA from France due to the higher value of the French Degrees and the opportunities they offer once you complete the courses.

Masters in France Cost:

With all the high ranked universities, unlike many English Speaking countries, education in France is fairly affordable. For public universities, both domestic and international students pay 2770 euros a year for bachelors and 3770 euros a year for the Masters in France. Keep in mind that the fees would be different than these if you decide to pursue masters in France in a Grande Ecole. For private universities, the fees range anywhere from 3000 euros a year to 30,000 euros a year, depending on the university and courses you choose. Some courses, like some MBA and Executive MBA, have higher tuition fees. For costs other than tuition fees, you can refer to Living in France for more information.