France Target to Welcome 20,000 Indian Students by 2025

21 April, 2021



Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister arrived in India. This official visit shows the strong strategic partnership between India and France. During his stay in New Delhi, he held talks with the Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar on April 13, 2021. He said that the country has set a target of welcoming 20,000 Indian students to the universities in France by 2025. 

France Target to Welcome 20,000 Indian Students by 2025

Highlights of the Discussion

  • The minister discussed ideas to build on student mobility between India and France.
  • To attract more Indian students to France, Le Drian Appointed15 alumni ambassadors who have pursued their education in the fields of social sciences, science, management, culinary and art in French Higher education Institutes.
  • Also discussed the experiences of Indian students living in France was discussed between the alumni ambassadors and the minister. 
  • The Minister of External Affairs of India, Mr S. Jaishankar, and Le Drian, French Foreign Minister discussed collaborating on areas of their mutual interest.
  • The leaders also decided on the fast track discussions on the agreement of India-EU trade and investment.
  • Le Drian also emphasizes his relationship with S Jaishankar by addressing it as a strong bond. He said he was late in reaching the event because he was busy discussing so many things with his counterpart Union minister S Jaishankar. The words of Le Drian, "We enjoy such a strong relationship that I got late," reflects it.
Both the heads recognized the “immense opportunities” by collaborating in several fields such as education, trade,  research, defence, energy, climate change etc. 

Stats of Indian students in France

In recent years, France has gained excellent popularity among Indian students as a study abroad location. Here are few figures proving this:
Year Number of Indian students in France
2016-2017 4200
2018 8,500
2019 10,000

Reasons of Indian students studying in France

Do you know the reason why Indian students are migrating to France for their further education? There are not only 1 or 2, but plenty. 
  • The Universities in France are some of the most renowned Universities in the world.
  • French universities offer many courses in the English language, which makes Indian students understand easily without being fluent in the French language.
  • Education costs less in France than in the US and UK, yet there is no compromise in the quality of the education.
  • The French government, as well as Universities, offer a lot of scholarships to Indian students which makes their studies more affordable.
Last but not the least, Indian students can Study in France without IELTS. This is a great opportunity for those who are unable to take IELTS yet dream to study abroad. 


Student life in France is Wonderful. International students will get in touch with different cultures and gain an amazing experience. For sure it would be a wonderful experience for Indian students. So if you are thinking of studying abroad, choose France.