France continued to attract international students despite Covid

28 October, 2020



A popular destination for international students, France has historically welcomed over 300,000 students from abroad looking to build their higher education experience in the country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many international student’s dreams of pursuing studies in France were paused earlier in this Year.

France continued to attract international students despite Covid

France was among those countries who initiated to open the gates for international students. It had announced that from 1st July international students will be allowed to enter the country regardless of their country of origin, and their visa and residence permits were given priority.

Stats of international students coming to France in 2020

The impact was the opposite of the expectation. The country saw a positive number of international students as compared to other few top destinations. The words said by the Florent Bonaventure, Campus France communication director presents the following facts:
  • There was the same number of African students coming to France and a higher number of North African students and Gulf students
  • France has seen a slight decrease in mobility but it’s limited to 20%. The difference is seen between Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Gulf,  
  • Around 50% of Asian students did not attend class physically, but they registered and started their classes online from their home country.
  • Even there was a drop of 50% coming from the Americas.
Although France has witnessed a decline in its number of international students as a proportion of the global whole, it continues to attract large numbers of students from other French-speaking nations.

Aim of attracting international students to France 

France has the aim of attracting 500,000 international students by the year 2027. By opening its borders soon and visa centres processing shows the dedication of France towards international students. France initiated in the July month of 2020 to be ahead of where it was back in the pre-Coronavirus period. 

Study in France is getting more attention after this covid due to the efforts the country is putting in for international students. With this dedication, it is seen that France will be able to achieve its aim by 2027.

France faces the Challenges

France is still struggling in hosting international students, to find suitable housing options for them. Many are struggling to find decent housing, particularly in Paris, which is the top destination for international students nationally.

There is a structural imbalance in France between supply and demand for the housing options. This applies to international students as well as young professionals that are seeking a good place to stay, mainly in the Paris region.

France is continuously working on these problems. As the situation of Covid has made things difficult, it might take little time for not only France but for all to get back to normal. France is finding out solutions for international students.

Efforts of france towards International students

France has been working away to build its allure for international students. COVID-19 hasn’t dramatically changed the preferences of international students looking to study in France, there is still room for caution and preparation from student accommodation providers in the region.

Clear communication on the guidelines of social distancing, application of those guidelines, and clarity around cancellation policies can all provide that assurance to international students looking forward to study in France.

As the world continues to open up, and life returns to the ‘new normal’, safety and security mustn’t be added to France’s list of a pain point for international students as the hunger for international education is still there.