Canada Visa Application Centers Resume Operations in India

20 November, 2020



Good news for the Indian students..!!

For those who were waiting for Visa application centres for Canada to open for completion of their visa procedure, the wait is over now. Canada has announced that they are going to open Visa application centres in the 6 major cities of India. Isn’t that great news? Now finally you can travel to study in Canada.

Canada Visa Application Centers Resume Operations in India

VACs in India will begin to schedule biometrics appointments from 20th November 2020. The cities in which Visa Application Centres for Canada resuming their operations are Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. Their priority will be international students and family class applicants.

Last step of Student visa approval

While international students have been permitted from travel restrictions of Canada from 20th October, Students from India who have not submitted biometrics before could not move to Canada. Now that VACs in India are resuming services, it can be completed.

A few months back Canada introduced a 2 stage approval visa, wherein students can get approval in the first stage by submitting minimum documents and starting classes online. In the second stage, they had to give their biometrics which was not possible as VACs were closed. 

Those who are permitted to travel to Canada will be able to submit their biometrics so they can complete their visa application processes. After the complete visa procedure, they can travel to Canada for their further studies.

Biometrics for a Canadian Student visa 

Biometrics is the last unfinished hurdle for those students in India who have passed the first stage of visa approval and are free from coronavirus travel restrictions in Canada. Biometrics are compulsorily required for International students. 

In biometrics, applicants need to submit their fingerprints as well as photographs. A nominal fee may also be asked for it. The purpose of biometrics is to enable Canadian officers to confirm the identity of foreign students when they enter Canada.

Guidelines from the Canadian Government 

A few things brought to notice by the Canadian government are:
  • The government of Canada guided that VACs will not accept walk-in clients. Appointments must be scheduled before visiting. 
  • Only those people who are attending their own scheduled appointment will be allowed to enter.
  • If IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ) have issued a unique BIL( Biometric Instructions Letter) to you, you will receive more information on your email ID about how to fix your appointment.
The government of Canada also said that more appointments will be scheduled little by little each week once they get adjusted. 

Appointments for Visa Application Center

You need to take an appointment before visiting the visa application centres in Canada. Here are the details of it:
  • You can book an appointment online or by phone call. You can also use email or webchat for fixing an appointment. 
  • VFS Global will collect you some Personal details for the purpose of arranging an appointment.
  • After the appointment is fixed, an appointment letter will be sent through the email to your registered email ID.
  • If an email address is not given, an SMS notification is sent with the details of the date and time of the appointment.
  • A reminder will be sent to you through email or SMS before 24 hours of the appointment date.
You will have to arrive at the Canada Visa Application Centre 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Get your biometrics and further process done. Once you get final approval, you are free to fly to Canada.